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Future of STORET / WQX Outreach Agenda


Day 1

1:00 pm     Introductions

  • Discuss goals for the meeting
  • Overview of the Agenda

1:30 pm     The Future of STORET

  • EPA Update
    • Water Quality Exchange: What is it? Data flow and tools?
    • Schedule for Implementation
    • What does this mean for the existing tools

3:00 pm     Break

3:15 pm     Introduction to the WQX Schema

  • Overview of the WQX Schema structure
    • Data elements
    • Required/Optional/Conditional fields
  • Comparison of WQX - STORET - STORET Warehouse

4:30 pm     Adjourn


Day 2

9:00 am     WQX Schema continued

  • Domain Values for WQX
  • Discussion of procedures for feedback for WQX
  • WQX Data Flow Example

11:00 am    Local Issues and Data Management Requirements

  • Identify challenges for transition
  • Data Management alternatives

12:00 noon   Lunch

1:00 pm     Local Issues (cont.)

  • Numerate challenges, identify most pressing challenges
  • Numerate alternatives, identify roles

2:00 pm     EPA Assistance and Developing a Transition Plan

  • EPA's role in the transition
  • Discussion on NEIEN Grants
  • Defining the 'Toolbox' for transition assistance
  • Discuss and develop a transition plan

3:00 pm     Wrap-up

  • Discuss outcomes
  • Next-steps

4:00 pm     Adjourn


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