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What is WQX?

The Water Quality Exchange (WQX) is a new framework that makes it easier for States, Tribes, and others to submit and share water quality monitoring data over the Internet. States, Tribes and other organizations can now submit data directly to the publicly-accessible STORET Data Warehouse using the WQX framework. The STORET Data Warehouse will continue to be the repository for all modern STORET data and will now also be the new home for data submitted through WQX. WQX will eventually replace the distributed STORET Database (including the STORET Data Entry Module, Reports Module, and STORET Import Module or SIM) as the primary means of submitting water quality monitoring data to EPA.

The purpose of these pages is to assist water quality professionals and data managers with understanding WQX, how it works, how it relates to STORET, and how to begin submitting data using the WQX framework. Below is a description of how WQX works, followed by useful links for water quality data managers.

How does WQX Work?

WQX uses Extensible Markup Language (XML) and a defined set of data elements (the WQX schema) to allow states, tribes and other organizations to submit data from their own database to the STORET Warehouse. WQX makes use of the technology and procedures that are defined by the National Environmental Information Exchange Network. Exit EPA Disclaimer

Data can be submitted via WQX through different mechanisms. Exchange Network Nodes or Node Clients may be used to submit data that follow the WQX schema. Alternatively, data can be submitted using WQX Web, a web-based data loading tool that is based on the WQX schema.

The WQX schema is based on the Environmental Sampling, Analysis and Results Exit EPA Disclaimer (ESAR) data standard, which is EPA's approved standard for sharing water, solid waste and air quality data. It also uses other registries of common data, names, and data formats.

This technical WQX fact sheet (PDF 1.1 MB) describes how WQX works.

WQX Web Tool

WQX v1.0 and v2.0

In February 2007, WQX v1.0 was released. WQX v1.0 represents the version of the WQX schema that handles physical, chemical and fish tissue water monitoring results. Since that time, various organizations have submitted data using WQX v1.0 or are in the process of preparing to submit.

WQX v2.0 incorporates biological and habitat data elements into the v1.0 schema structure. This means that the WQX version 2.0 incorporates the new biological and habitat data elements without affecting or changing the version 1.0 schema that has been in production since February 2007. Users that are currently working on data submission with WQX 1.0 do not need to transition to WQX 2.0, unless they wish to do so.

The following links provide water quality data managers with information about getting started with WQX. Current users of the distributed STORET system should reference information about transitiong from STORET.

WQX Node and Node Client Data Flow

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