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Tribal Water Quality: National WebSIM

National WebSIM is a web based tool that allows Tribal users to submit data to the National STORET Data Warehouse. National WebSIM features the new capabilities of WebSIM version 2.0.2.

Please Note: After September 30, 2009, submissions to WebSIM will no longer be placed in the STORET Data Warehouse. In order to submit data after September 30, 2009, you must use the WQX Web tool: http://www.epa.gov/storet/wqxweb_submit.html.

If you do not have a WebSIM account, you can no longer sign up for one, as the system is not being supporting after September 30, 2009. Again, you must submit data via WQX Web: http://www.epa.gov/storet/wqxweb_submit.html.

The STORET team is committed to working with users on this transition. For help or more information please contact the STORET Team either by email (storet@epa.gov) or by phone (1-800-424-9067). For additional information about how tribes can participate in WQX, please visit the "Small Organizations" section on the Transitioning from STORET page.

For users already signed up, here are quick directions for accessing National WebSIM now:

STORET Data Template and WebSIM Tutorials

STORET Data Template

Tribes using WebSIM to submit data to the STORET Data Warehouse are highly encouraged to use the STORET Data Template to assist in formatting data in a STORET-compatible format. The template consists of a series of MS Excel worksheets that define the types of information that a data owner must include in order for data to be successfully submitted through WebSIM.

WebSIM Tutorials and Example Files

These two tutorial documents walk users through importing example stations and results files through WebSIM. The WebSIM Demo website provides a demo environment that can be used to walk through these tutorials using the example files. The WebSIM Demo website is also accessible from the EPA Portal.

WebSIM User Guide

The WebSIM User Guide provides comprehensive information about the WebSIM application.

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