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WQX and STORET Schedule

The following table provides a working schedule of WQX and STORET activities through 2009. Please check back periodically, as this schedule is subject to change.

WQX Schedule STORET Schedule
Move WQX from Pilot to Production    

  • WQX Outreach
Begin April 2006 SIM 2.0.2 Release May 2006

  • Finalize Phys/Chem schema
September 2006    

  • Phys/chem WQX in production
January 2007    
Add Biological/Habitat data to schema    

  • Begin Bio/Habitat WQX pilot
Late 2006/Early 2007    

  • Finalize WQX Bio/Habitat Schema
December 2007    

  • Bio/Habitat WQX in production
March 2008    
Develop Web tool    

  • Tool available for Phys/Chem data
February 2008    

  • Final tool, including Bio/Habitat
July 2008    
    Scale down STORET Support September 2008
    No longer accept STORET data dumps September 2009


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