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STORET logo STORET Entity Relationship Diagram v2.0

This graphical representation of the STORET Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) is provided as an aid to understanding the complexity of the STORET v2.0 database, and to assist programmers who may wish to write queries directly against the database tables or views.

NOTE: It is extremely unsafe to UPDATE directly into database tables or views. Damage to your STORET database may be beyond repair.


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This download is in the form of a compressed file named In its extracted form, it will consist of two files, named:

  • ERD.pdf (265K)
  • ERD_8_5_by_11.pdf (4.1M)

The file "ERD.pdf" is a large format version suitable for printing on a 36'' or larger plotter. Further information about printing the ERD is available on the STORET FAQ.

The file "ERD_8_5_by_11.pdf" is displayed across 16 pages of 11 x 8.5 inch paper, arranged in landscape form in a 4 x 4 array, with pages numbered as follows:

Page (1,1) Page (1,2) Page (1,3) Page (1,4)
Page (2,1) Page (2,2) Page (2,3) Page (2,4)
Page (3,1) Page (3,2) Page (3,3) Page (3,4)
Page (4,1) Page (4,2) Page (4,3) Page (4,4)

Use of a color printer is recommended, but not required.

To download this file, click the "Download Now" button at your left. To quit without downloading, click the "CANCEL" button.


Need Help? If you have a question, or are uncertain about this download, please call STORET User Assistance at 1-800-424-9067, or send us an email at


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