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STORET logo SIM version 2.0.2 Patch 01 (update to build 4.3

**This patch can only be run on SIM 2.0.2**

A few users discovered some additional issues with the initial SIM 2.0.2 release of May 2006. While none of these issues were major, they did cause the software to perform in some unexpected ways under certain conditions. This patch is meant to address a number of those issues.

This fix resolves the following issues:
  1. SIM was only allowing 999 total visits on any trip. Once this fix is applied, SIM will allow 999 visits to each Station on a trip. This is more in line with the STORET business rule.

  2. SIM was failing when using the Generate option for Medium on imports where the Activity Category was either "Routine Habitat Assessment" or "Replicate Habitat Assessment".

  3. SIM would log an error when migrating Projects to STORET stating "One or more projects in your migration cannot be found in STORET". Although the data would still migrate successfully, this message was being generated in error.

  4. SIM was incorrectly handling the import for Single Taxon Frequency Class Results. In some cases it was placing the Subject Taxon data into the Common Class field.

  5. SIM had a restriction that prevented a migration from being deleted if any of the data in STORET had been modified after being migrated to STORET. There was flaw in how this was determined. This bug has been fixed and the restriction has been lifted.


Download sim202_patch01.exe (181 KB) Now

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Included in this update are

  • A "README" file
  • Update Scripts

This download is in the form of a compressed, self-extracting 181 KB file, named "SIM202_ patch01.exe". You should place it in a temporary folder, and double-click it to allow it to expand.

In its extracted form, it will consist of several folders. We advise you to examine the README file. This patch will replace the SIM Oracle packages that make up SIM. It will not replace any of the SIM user interface forms. If you are running STORET as a stand-alone, you will need to run this patch. If you are running STORET in a client-server installation, then you will only need to run the patch on the server, not on the client machines. To run this patch, open the setup\sim_fix folder. In this folder, run the batch file: sim_fix001.bat. You will need to make sure that your Oracle Database is started before running this patch.

How do I tell if I need to run this patch?

In SIM, from the menu choose 'Advanced'. Within this menu there is an option called: 'System Settings'. Select 'System Settings'. In the form that pops up, there is a row called '*BUILD_NUMBER'. If the 'Value' of this row states: 'SIM202 Build Number 4.3', then you DO NOT need to run this patch. If it says 'SIM202 Build Number 4', then you DO need to run this patch.

To download this file, click the "Download Now" button at your left. To quit without downloading, click the "CANCEL" button.


Need Help? If you have a question, or are uncertain about this download,
please call STORET User Assistance at 1-800-424-9067,
or send us an email at


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