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STORET logo STORET Training and Demonstration Agenda

STORET Training is typically conducted over a two day stretch, in four sessions of approximately three hours each. Sessions can be rearranged, and timing altered to fit the specific needs of the group being taught.


Session 1       (3 hours)

  • Management Overview
  • STORET Data/Technical Overview
    • Demonstrations
      • Basic Data Entry and Batch Import
      • Data Reporting
      • Online Data Warehouse
      • ODBC Interface (Excel, GIS)

Session 2       (3 hours)

  • STORET System Navigation
    • Tree Structure
    • Help Screens
    • Mandatory/Optional
  • Activation and System Administration
  • Practice Data Entry
    • Data Entry Module Exercises

Session 3       (3 hours)

  • Batch Data Entry
    • SIM Exercises

Session 4       (3 hours)

  • Batch Data Entry/SIM (continued)
  • Data Reporting
  • Export to EPA
  • STORET Web Application
  • Geographic Information System/ArcView Interface
  • ODBC Linkages, Spread Sheet Interface
  • STORET v3.0 - Changes planned


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