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Top Partner Rankings and On-site Renewables Challenge updated
2015-16 College & University Challenge Updated
Green Power Partnership Program Update, Issue 37
Jan. 27 Webinar – State of Voluntary Green Power Market
New Video: "RECs: Making Green Power Possible" Exit EPA Disclaimer

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EPA's Green Power Use Map is a visual representation of the Green Power Partnership's more than 1,300 Partners and their respective green power use. Use the Green Power Use Map to see the level of green power activity in different regions of the country.








US mapUse the Green Power Locator to get information about the green power options closest to you. Select your state to find out more. The results will include utility green electricity programs and renewable energy certificate (REC) products sold separately from electricity.

EPA promotes several national- and sector-focused Top Partner Rankings, which generate significant promotional opportunities. These lists represent the leading organizations that make the largest green power purchases in the Partnership, those using 100% green power, and the partners generating and using the most green power on-site.

Follow a few simple steps to become a Green Power Partner. These include determining your annual electricity use and procuring a qualifying amount of green power.

Organizations that become Green Power Partners can benefit from earned media recognition, EPA communications support, and resources such as the Green Power Equivalency Calculator and Green Power Partner mark. More on the benefits of partnership.

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Green Power Communities

Sign, Welcome to a Green Power Community Do you live in a Green Power Community? GPCs are cities, towns, and villages in which the local government, businesses, and residents collectively buy green power in amounts that meet or exceed EPA’s Green Power Community purchase requirements. Find out more information on how your community can buy green power and become a Green Power Community.

On-site Renewables Challenge

Onsite Renewables Challenge

In support of President Obama's Climate Action Plan, the Green Power Partnership has launched the On-site Renewables Challenge, with a goal to double the use of on-site green power by Green Power Partners by the end of the decade.

RECs: Making Green Power Possible

RECs: Making Green Power Possible

Renewable Energy Certificates, also known as RECs, represent the environmental and other non-power attributes of renewable electricity generation and are a component of all renewable electricity products. Learn more about RECs in EPA’s new video, "RECs: Making Green Power Possible," Exit EPA Disclaimer.

College & University Challenge

College and University Green Power ChallengeThroughout the academic year, EPA's Green Power Partnership tracks the collegiate athletic conferences with the highest combined green power usage in the nation. The Green Power Challenge is open to all U.S. colleges, universities, and conferences. See the latest rankings and find out how your school can participate here.

Clean Energy Collaborative Procurement Initiative

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The Clean Energy Collaborative Procurement Initiative provides a platform for deploying clean energy technologies across multiple government and educational organizations for maximum impact on installed solar system capacity, local economic activity, and the regional environment.

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