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Support Center for Regulatory Atmospheric Modeling (SCRAM)

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This section provides links to topics related to air quality modeling. The related links below are divided into 12 topic areas: U.S. Environmental Protections Agency, Federal Government Agencies, State Government Agencies, Regional Planning Organizations (RPOs), U.S. and International Agencies/Organizations, Emissions Inventories, Meteorological Modeling and Data, Dispersion Modeling, Photochemical Modeling, Receptor Modeling, International Transport and Climate Modeling, Air Quality Studies and Related Assessments, and Miscellaneous links.

U.S. Environmental Protections Agency
US Environmental Protection Agency
US EPA Office of Air and Radiation
US EPA Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
US EPA Technology Transfer Network
Regional Homepages and Contacts

Federal Government Agencies
Department of Energy (DOE)Exit EPA disclaimer
EPA Research Triangle Park Library
NOAA Air Resources Laboratory, Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division, Air Quality ProgramExit EPA disclaimer
NOAA Air Resources LaboratoryExit EPA disclaimer
Ozone Transport Assessment Group (OTAG)

State Government Agencies: Webpages and Contacts

Regional Planning Organizations (RPOs) and Coordinating AuthoritiesExit EPA disclaimer
Central States Air Resource Agencies (CenSARA)
Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium (LADCO)
Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Visibility Union (MANE-VU)
Mid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association (MARAMA)
Midwest Regional Planning Organization (MRPO)
Northeast States Center for a Clean Air Future (NESCAUM)
Ozone Transport Commission (OTC)
Southeastern States Air Resource Managers, Inc. (SESARM)
Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP)
Western States Air Resources Council (WESTAR)

U.S. and International Agencies/Organizations Exit EPA disclaimer
Air and Waste Management Association (AWMA)
American Meteorological Society (AMS)
Environment Canada: Canada-US Air Links
Environment Canada: Clean Air Online
European Topic Center on Air and Climate Change (ETC/ACC)
National Library for the Environment
NSW Environmental Protection Authority (Austrailia)

Emissions Inventories
Clearinghouse for Inventories and Emissions Factors (CHIEF)

Meteorological Modeling and Data
National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)Exit EPA disclaimer

Dispersion Modeling

Photochemical Modeling

Receptor Modeling
EPA Chemical Mass Balance (CMB)
EPA Positive Matrix Factorization (PMF)

International Transport and Climate Modeling
Intercontinental transport and Climate effect of Air Pollutants (ICAP)Exit EPA disclaimer

Air Quality Studies and Related Assessments
Software for Environmental Awareness
Radiation Protection Programs Risk Assessment/Model Software

Miscellaneous Links

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