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Support Center for Regulatory Atmospheric Modeling (SCRAM)

2003 Meeting - Meteorological Modeling Applications for Chemical Transport Models

4th Annual Ad-Hoc Meteorological Modelers Meeting
Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium (LADCO)
2250 East Devon Avenue, Suite 250, Des Plaines, IL 60018
July 29-30, 2003

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Day 1 – July 29

10:00  Welcome and Introductions (Attendees)

10:15   Future direction of this group: New Chairperson selection

10:30  Annual 2001 U.S. & Other Western U.S. MM5 Applications (D. McNalley, Alpine GeoPhysics)

11:30  Annual 2002 MM5 Application (M. Johnson, Iowa)

12:00   Lunch

12:45  High resolution MM5 modeling for Kansas City (B. Anderson, US EPA R7)

01:15   MM5 Application for Texas (C. Emery, ENVIRON)

02:00  MM5/RAMS Application for San Francisco Bay Area/Texas (C. Tremback, ATmet)

02:45  VISTAS MM5 Modeling Background (M. Abraczinskas, North Carolina)

03:00  VISTAS MM5 Modeling (D. Olerud, BARON)

04:00   Using Canadian MC2 to support CMAQ/SMOKE (Xin Qiu, RWDI Inc.)

05:00   Adjourn


Day 2 – July 30

08:30  PX model performance at 36 and 12 km grid resolution and with and without soil updates (K. Baker, LADCO)

09:00  Differences Using the New and Old MCIP for CMAQ Applications (P. Dolwick, US EPA/NOAA)

09:30   Layer Collapsing using MCIPv2.1 (Z. Wang, UC-Riverside)

10:15   Discussion: Issues associated with using the RUC/ETA or similar model output directly in photochemical models—Experiences, Uses, and Abuses

10:30   Discussion: Issues of WRF for photochemical modeling and MM5’s future

11:15   Open Discussion for Other Topics

12:00   End Day 2


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