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2002 Meeting - Meteorological Modeling Applications for Chemical Transport Models

3rd Annual Ad-Hoc Meteorological Modelers Meeting
Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium (LADCO)
2250 East Devon Avenue, Suite 250, Des Plaines, IL 60018
Tuesday, July 30th – Wednesday, July 31st, 2002

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July 30th, Day One:

10:00 Introductions (attendees) & Purpose and Goals for the Meeting

10:15 EPA/OAQPS Meteorological Modeling Activities Pat Dolwick, NOAA/EPA

10:45 Year of 2001 MM5/O3 episodes from 1999-2001 Dennis McNally, Alpine Geophysics

11:15 SAMI Experience: Simulating Clouds in an AQM Qi Mao, TVA

12:00  Lunch

01:00 New England RAMS modeling summer 1999 Paul Wishinski, VT DEC

01:30 A comparison of MM5 PBL schemes in simulating the diurnal surface wind changes for July 1997 MM5 Data Dr. Da-Lin Zhang, UMD

02:00 Open MP Appplication Issue: Ken Anderson, Ameren

03:00 MM5-REMSAD modeling of regional transport and visibility--BRAVO Study for Big Bend National Park: Nelson Seaman, PSU

03:30 MET Modeling Initiatives at NOAA: Bruce Hicks, NOAA

04:00 Open Discussion of Earlier Presentations

04:30  Adjourn


Day Two:

8:30 Evaluation of real-time MM5 forecasts: Don Olerud, MCNC

9:00 Neighborhood scale modeling Tanya Otte, NOAA/EPA

9:30 RAMS Update and Recent Applications Craig Tremback, ATMET

10:30 MM5 sensitivity study for the National RPO grid Matthew Johnson, IOWA DNR

11:00 MM5 sensitivity study for the National RPO grid(cont) Kirk Baker, LADCO

11:15 Model Performance for PM/Haze Modeling Kirk Baker, LADCO

11:30 MM5 to CMAQ Layer Collapsing / MCIPv1 vs. MCIPv2 Zion Wang, Univ. of California-Riverside

12:00  Lunch

12:45 Open discussion of Met Modeling for Air Quality Model

01:45 Meeting Recap

02:00 Adjourn


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