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Support Center for Regulatory Atmospheric Modeling (SCRAM)

2012 Meeting - Meteorological Modeling Applications for Chemical Transport Models

11th Annual Ad-Hoc Meteorological Modelers Meeting
June 28-29, 2012
Boulder, Colorado
NCAR Foothills Laboratory, Building FL0

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Attendee List 

Day 1

WRF application to support nitrogen deposition modeling for Rocky Mountain National Park; Kristi Gebhart, National Park Service

Wintertime PM2.5 nitrate episodes in Wisconsin (LADCO winter time nitrate study): meteorological event characterization and meteorological and photochemical model evaluation; Scott Spak, University of Iowa

Evaluation of 2010-2011 WRF simulation to support the midwest biomass fuels study and LADCO SIP modeling; David Brown, Iowa DNR

Multi-scale WRF modeling to support Western U.S. air quality applications for ozone and PM2.5 ; Dennis McNally, Alpine GeoPhysics

Meteorological and photochemical modeling to support winter PM2.5 air quality assessments in Salt Lake City; Lance Avey, Utah DAQ

WRF meteorological modeling for elevated PM2.5 episodes near Fairbanks, Alaska; Brian Gaudet, Penn State Univ.

Evaluation of fine scale WRF modeling for winter ozone episodes in southwest Wyoming; Bart Brashers, ENVIRON


Day 2

Advances in WRF analysis nudging techniques and WRF ensemble impacts on CMAQ air quality predictions; R. Gilliam, US Environmental Protection Agency

Annual fine scale WRF modeling (DX=800m) for the Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) Particulate Matter State Implementation Plan; Dennis McNally, Alpine Geophysics

Evaluation of 4-km WRF simulations for California during May and June 2010; Wayne Angevine, NOAA ESRL CSD

Fine scale (4 km) WRF modeling to support air quality modeling of the 2010 CalNex Field Campaign; K. Baker, US Environmental Protection Agency

Sensitivities of Spectral Nudging Toward Moisture; Tanya Otte, US Environmental Protection Agency

Development update for the Mesoscale Model InterFace Tool, which converts MM5 and WRF output to input for dispersion models SCICHEM, CALPUFF, and AERMOD; Bart Brashers, ENVIRON


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