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Support Center for Regulatory Atmospheric Modeling (SCRAM)

2010 Meeting - Meteorological Modeling Applications for Chemical Transport Models

10th Annual Ad-Hoc Meteorological Modelers Meeting
June 24-25, 2010
Boulder, Colorado
NCAR Foothills Laboratory, Building FL0, Room 2108

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Attendee List 

Day 1

WRF Performance Assessment for a 1998 Field Experiment in Southern Missouri: Implications for Biogenic Emissions Estimation; K. Baker, US Envrionmental Protection Agency

Enhancing sub-grid non-precipitating cloud diagnosis in the CAMx modeling system: Impacts on ozone and PM2.5 sulfate; C. Emery, ENVIRON

Assessment of CALMET Performance Using In-Situ Data in a Complex Meteorological Environment (Wyoming); Jason Reed (TRC) and Ken Rairigh (Wyoming DEQ)

WRF Sensitivity Results for a 2007 Retrospective Simulation for the Central and Eastern United States; D. Brown, Iowa DNR

High Vertical Resolution MM5 and WRF in the Western United States; D. McNally, Alpine Geophysics


Day 2

Multiyear WRF evaluation; application of WRF to better represent low level nocturnal jets in the northeast United States; R. Gilliam, US Environmental Protection Agency

Ozone vs. Meteorology: Comparing relationships in ambient data against CMAQ model estimates; P. Dolwick, US Environmental Protection Agency

Evaluation of Four Lagrangian ModelsAgainst the Cross-Appalachian and European Tracer Experiments; B. Anderson, US Forest Service

WRF meteorological modeling to support CALNEX/CALMEX 2010 field study; K. Baker, US Environmental Protection Agency

Evaluating WRF ensemble members for a July 2005 episode; K. Baker, US Environmental Protection Agency


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