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Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Innovative Energy Management Workshop for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants in the Hawaiian Islands

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Kauai Workshop

Innovative Energy Management Workshop
Reduce Energy and Save Money at
Wastewater and Water Treatment Plants>
February 11,  2010
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
KIUC Lihue Office
4463 Pahee Street, Lihue, Kauai
Objectives include learning how:

  • To use a Plan-Do-Check-Act (P-D-C-A) Approach to improve energy management
  • Utilities can use EPA,  State, Power Company tools and resources to reduce energy
  • Utilities can get follow-up assistance after the workshop
8:00 am Registration - Agenda (PDF) (2 pp, 404K)
8:30 - 9:00 Sustainable Kauai - Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho, Jr.
9:00-9:15 EPA Energy Program for Water Utilities
Sustainable Water Infrastructure & Climate Change Initiative (PDF) (19 pp, 3.5M, large file), Charlotte Ely, Life Scientist, Sustainable Infrastructure Office, EPA Region 9
9:15-9:45 PLAN – EPA Guidebook:  Setting Priorities
Plan: Setting Priorities (PDF), Susan Sakaki, Sustainable Earth Initiative (10 pp, 484K)
9:45-10:00 ENERGY STAR Baseline, Benchmark, Tracking Program
Metrics for Success: Benchmarking Wastewater Facilities in Portfolio Manager (PDF) (27 pp, 829K), Cheryl McGovern, Environmental Protection Specialist, Sustainable Infrastructure Office, EPA Region 9
10:00-10:15 Break
10:15-11:45 11:45-12:00 Q&A Virtual Tour - Energy Audit Results for Waimea (SRF) and Lihue Wastewater Treatment Plants
A Virtual Tour, Auditor (remote Q&A)
Hawaii WWTP Energy Audits "A Virtual Tour" (PDF) (69 pp, 4.3M, large file), Kim Williams, CEM, Lead AP, Tetra Tech and Don King, P.E., Tetra Tech
12:00-12:15 Lunch – Boxed lunch will be provided
12:15- 1:30
12:15-12:35 12:35-12:55 12:55-1:15 1:15-1:30
Lunch Program  Renewable Energy Projects
FOG in the City of Milbrae, Increasing CHP Productivity While Reducing Biosolids Volume & Climate Changing Gasses (PDF) (33 pp, 1.9M, large file), Dick York, former Superintendent
San Francisco FOG to Fuel Run Cars, Brown Grease Recovery for Biodiesel (PDF) (25 pp, 4.2M, large file), Eileen O'Hara, Ph.D. Pacific Biodiesel (remote)
Hawaii Solar Projects, Mark Duda, President , HI Solar Energy Assoc.
Hawaii Solar Update (PDF), Christy Imata, Hawaii Solar Energy Association (23 pp, 431K)

1:30-2:00 KIUC – Energy Program Update: Rules, Rates, Rebates, Incentives, KIUC
Kaua'i Island Utility Cooperative's Commercial Energy Wise Program: The 10 Steps to Receive a Rebate (PDF) (9 pp, 429K), Paul Daniels, KIUC
2:00-2:20 2:20-2:30 2:30-2:50
How Do We Pay For It? Turning plans into actions; Financing Options
Third Party Agreements Third Party Contract Agreements (PDF) (26 pp, 1.2M, large file), Miles Kubo, President of Energy Industries
UD DOE/– HDBT Slides Specific Funding Sources of Interest to Wastewater & Drinking Water Facilities (PDF) (10 pp, 37K), Cheryl McGovern
US EPA/Hawaii Dept. of Health State Revolving Fund Loan Program
Innovative Energy Management Workshop State Revolving Fund (PDF) (12 pp, 1.0M, large file), Alain Carey, HDOH State Revolving Fund Program
2:50-3:20 Moving Less Water
WaterSense, Introducing EPA WaterSense® (PDF) (38 pp, 997K), Charlotte Ely
Rain Water Catchments, Harvesting Rain: Managing Water Resources Wisely (PDF) (17 pp, 3.2M, large file), Patricia H. Macomber, Author (remote)
Gray Water, Residential Gray Water Reuse (PDF) (16 pp, 960K), Cheryl McGovern
3:20-3:35  Break
3:35-4:25 EPA’s Guidebook:  Do - Check And Act
Doing the Work:  Are we there yet? What else needs to be done?
Do-Check-Act: Moving Forward (PDF) (17 pp, 778K), Sue Sakaki
4:25-4:35 Wrap up, evaluations, adjourn, Sue Sakaki

Contact for Further Information

Cheryl McGovern (mcgovern.cheryl@epa.gov)
(415) 972-3415

Charlotte Ely (ely.charlotte@epa.gov)
(415) 972-3731

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