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Sustainable Water Infrastructure Contacts

Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Water & Energy Efficiency in Water and Wastewater Facilities

Sustainable Water Infrastructure Quick Finder
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How will your facility upgrade to more energy efficient processes and equipment? How will managers and employees become energy efficient in all aspects of their job? Training in energy conservation is the answer. Such trainings raise awareness and outline opportunities for energy conservation for managers and employees.

Water can be conserved at homes and businesses to reduce the amount of water going to a wastewater treatment facility. Water can be saved through leak detection programs in the distribution lines. Water can be conserved at wastewater and water facilities through non-water or low-water use practices. And water can be reused before it is treated or discharged for treatment.

Where do you find training programs for managers and employees? Well, there are a number of options based on your state. Both the federal government and state governments as well as private vendors provide trainings in energy conservation. Some of the available trainings are listed below:


EPA professionals occasionally conduct training seminars like this one for interested citizens
Training on energy conservation





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