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California Water Quality Projects

California Water Quality Projects Quick Finder

Central Valley (Region 5)

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California State Water Resources Control Board Region 5 map

Region 5 - Central Valley

Phase I
  1. East Sacramento/Nimbus Area Ground Water Study
  2. Fresno Water Quality Management Project
  3. Sacramento River Toxic Risk Assessment
  4. West Bakersfield Ground Water Toxics Project
  5. Greenhorn/Afterthought Mines Acid Drainage Control Study
  6. Leland Freeborn Salinity Management Project
  7. PCBs in Priority Watershed
Phase II
  1. Agricultural Waste Water Evaporation Ponds Project
  2. Stockton Ground Water Quality Study
  3. Detoxification of Pesticides in Rinse Water Disposal
  4. Sacramento/San Joaquin Estuary Site-Specific Criteria
  5. Microbial Volatilization of Soil Selenium
Phase III
  1. West Bakersfield Ground Water Study
  2. Microbial Volatilization of Selenium in Soil
Phase IV
  1. Evaluation of HAR for Agricultural Evaporation Ponds
  2. Microbial Volatilization of Selenium in Agricultural Ponds
  3. East San Joaquin County Ground Water Management
  4. Lower American River Urban Stormwater Runoff Study
  5. North Fork Feather River Sedimentation Study
  6. Central Valley Basin Toxicity Study
Phase V
  1. Sacramento River Wet Weather Monitoring Study
  2. Full-Scale Microbial Volatilization of Selenium
Phase VI
  1. DBCP Contamination in Kings Ground Water Area
Phase VII
  1. Paradise Irrigation Districts Urban Runoff Study
  2. b. Sacramento River Temperature Modeling Analysis
Phase VIII
  1. Sacramento River Mercury Control Project
  2. Shasta River Water Quality Management Plan
Phase IX
  1. Big Chico Creek Water Quality Management Plan
  2. Clear Lake Basin Watershed Study
  3. Metal Transport in Sacramento River
Phase X
  1. Toxicity in Putah and Cache Creek Watersheds
  2. Fall River Watershed Management Plan
Phase XI
  1. Panoche/Silver Creek Watershed Plan
Phase XII
  1. Lower Stoney Creek Watershed Strategy Program
Phase XIII
  1. Cow Creek Watershed Assessment
Phase XIV
  1. Pit River Watershed Project

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