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California Water Quality Projects

California Water Quality Projects Quick Finder

Central Coast (Region 3)

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California State Water Resources Control Board Region 3 map

Region 3 - Central Coast

Phase I
  1. Salinas Valley Seawater Intrusion Study
  2. San Lorenzo Valley Septic Management Study
  3. Scotts Valley Ground Water Basin Nitrate Study
Phase II
  1. Soquel Creek Chronic Sediment Sources
  2. Timber Harvest Water Quality Study
  3. North Salinas Ground Water 3-D Model
  4. Timber Harvest Erosion Control Workshop *
  5. San Luis Obispo County Abandoned Mines Study *
Phase IV
  1. Rider Creek NPS Sediment Management Study
  2. San Lorenzo River Nitrate Study I
  3. Elkhorn Slough Wetlands Water Quality Project
  4. Santa Margarita Ground Water Management Study
  5. Santa Barbara Channel Shellfish NPS Evaluation
Phase V
  1. Carpinteria Salt Marsh Water Quality Monitoring
  2. Monterey Bay Urban Runoff Water Quality Project
  3. Reducing Nitrate Leaching in Irrigation and Fertilization
  4. San Luis Obispo County Abandoned Mines Study
  5. Schwan Lake Management Plan
  6. San Lorenzo River Nitrate Study II
  7. Stream Care and Water Quality Enforcement
  8. McEnery Road Gully Treatment Project
Phase VI
  1. Coastal and Marine Water Quality Information *
  2. Salinas Basin Ground Water Quality Management Study
  3. Inactive Metal Mines in Four San Luis Obispo County Watersheds
Phase VII
  1. Watsonville Sloughs Resources Management Plan
Phase VIII
  1. Reduce Overboard Discharge of Human and Solid Waste, Fuels, in Monterey Bay
Phase IX
  1. State Morro Bay Watershed Management Plan
  2. NPS Pollution in Coastal Harbors and Sloughs
  3. San Loreno River Watershed Management Planz
Phase X
  1. Pajaro River Watershed Management Plan
Phase XII
  1. Santa Maria River Watershed Project
Phase XIII
  1. San Benito County Water Quality Monitoring Plan
Phase XIV
  1. Upper Salinas River Watershed Management Plan
Phase XV
  1. Paso Robles Groundwater Basin Quality, cancelled
  2. Morro Bay Steelhead Recovery
Phase XVI
  1. Carr Lake Assessment and Management Plan

* no final report was issued for this study

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