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California Water Quality Projects

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San Francisco Bay (Region 2)

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California State Water Resources Control Board Region 2 map

Region 2 - San Francisco Bay

Phase I
  1. San Francisco Bay/Delta Pollutants Assessment
  2. Santa Clara County Hazardous Waste Study
  3. Small Generators Hazardous Waste Disposal
  4. Toxic Hydrocarbon Discharge Control Evaluation
  5. Coyote Hill Marsh Urban Stormwater Treatment
  6. Effects of Water Export on San Francisco Bay/Delta Striped Bass
  7. San Francisco Bay/Delta Pollutants Hydrodynamics Element Assessment
Phase II
  1. East Bay Plain Area: Ground Water Quality Overview
  2. Small Generators Hazardous Waste Collection
  3. Mountain View Ground Water Monitoring Protection
Phase III
  1. Santa Clara Valley Nonpoint Source Control Program
Phase IV
  1. Alameda County Nonpoint Source Pollution Study
  2. Grease Trap Waste Monitoring Program
  3. San Francisco Bay Sediment Quality Study
Phase V
  1. Contra Costa County Residential Waste Reduction Study
  2. Huichica Creek Land Stewardship Program
  3. Nitrate Study in Llagas Basin
Phase VIII
  1. Vineyard Heater Management Enhancement Project
Phase IX
  1. Sonoma Creek Watershed Enhancement Study
Phase X
  1. Petaluma River Watershed Enhancement Project
Phase XII
  1. Corta Madera Creek Watershed Plan
Phase XIII
  1. Farming in Watershed Context (Napa)
  2. Santa Clara Basin Watershed Management Plan
Phase XIV
  1. Napa River Watershed Sediment TMDL Study
Phase XV
  1. Lower Alameda Creek Restoration and Plan
Phase XVI
  1. San Pedro Creek Sediment Source Analysis

* no final report was issued for this study

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