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Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Nonpoint Source Pollution

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The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection is the lead agency for implementing the Nonpoint Source Program in Nevada. The State of Nevada is committed to protecting and managing both ground and surface waters of the State for beneficial uses.

This commitment is clear in the vision statement for the Nevada Nonpoint Source Program: All waters in Nevada support their beneficial uses and higher quality waters are maintained. Nevada communities and agencies are making the best possible water quality protection and management decisions, in coordination with others in their watershed. To realize this vision, the Nonpoint Source Program has identified major long term goals in their State Management Plan, which outlines the basic structure and provides guidance for the Nonpoint Source Program. The State Management Plan contains watershed-based management strategies and a 5-year plan to address nonpoint source issues in the Truckee, Carson, Humboldt, and Walker River Basins, Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas Wash.

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