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Contact Region 9

Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Pretreatment Program

Note: EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource. Latest information is available at EPA's National Pretreatment Program site.

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Compliance and Enforcement

Local municipalities generally have the lead responsibility for ensuring that industry and businesses comply with pretreatment requirements. This responsibility is well-placed because local agencies can detect and respond quickly to compliance issues. The Clean Water Act also provides for pretreatment enforcement by states, tribes, U.S. EPA, and citizens.

Discharger Enforcement

Discharger Name - Administrative Penalty Orders Order Date
Sav-On Plating, Inc. (PDF) Paramount, CA (8 pp, 800K) 02-20-2013
AAA Plating and Inspection, Inc. (PDF) Compton, CA (16 pp, 300K) 10-22-2012
Coast Plating, Inc. (PDF) Gardena, CA (12 pp, 144K) 07-16-2012
BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc. (PDF) Novato, CA (18 pp, 1.2MB) 09-04-2008
Discharger Name - Administrative Orders Order Date
Coast Engraving Companies (PDF), San Jose, CA (18 pp, 156K) 10-20-2011
Weatherby, Inc. (PDF), Paso Robles, CA (8 pp, 171K) 09-29-2011
Paris Precision (PDF), Paso Robles, CA (10 pp, 196K) 09-29-2011
Coast Plating, Inc. (PDF) Gardena, CA (16 pp, 118K) 06-10-2011
Anaplex Corporation (PDF) Paramount, CA (24 pp, 179K) 01-05-2011
AAA Plating & Inspection, Inc. (PDF) Compton, CA (24 pp, 179K) 09-03-2010
Phoenix Coca-Cola Bottling Company (PDF) Tempe, AZ (15 pp, 282K) 07-28-2010
Beo-Mag Plating (PDF) Santa Ana, CA (14 pp, 255K) 07-13-2009
ASTECH Engineered Products (PDF) Santa Ana, CA (18 pp, 288K) 08-31-2009
Metalast International, Inc. (PDF) Minden, NV (15 pp, 463K) 09-28-2008
Faith Plating (PDF) West Hollywood, CA (13 pp, 134K) 03-24-2008
Patmont Motor Werks (PDF) Minden, NV (13 pp, 79K) 03-18-2008
BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc. (PDF) Novato, CA (14 pp, 101K) 07-16-2007
Sanford Metal Processing (PDF) Menlo Park, CA (15 pp, 186K) 09-28-2006
Medallic Art Company (PDF) Dayton, NV (12 pp, 116K) 09-27-2006
Bruce Industries, Inc. (PDF) Dayton, NV (16 pp, 178K) 09-27-2006
Reid Metal Finishing, Inc. (PDF) Santa Ana, CA (17 pp, 261K) 02-10-2006
Pioneer Circuits, Inc. (PDF) Santa Ana, CA (13 pp, 109K) 02-10-2006
Embee, Inc. (PDF) Santa Ana, CA (17 pp, 129K) 02-10-2006
Oakley, Inc. (PDF) More information Dayton, NV (17 pp, 261K) 09-27-2005
Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc. (PDF) San Jose, CA More information (26 pp, 247K) 05-20-2005
Sunsweet Growers, Inc. (PDF) Yuba City, CA More information (17 pp, 198K) 03-30-2005
P.K. Selective Metal Plating, Inc. (PDF) Santa Clara, CA (16 pp, 203K) 09-02-2004
Calpine-Greenleaf (PDF) Yuba City, CA (5 pp, 57K) 04-20-2004
Custom Chrome (PDF) Yuba City, CA (15 pp, 104K) 04-20-2004
Sunsweet Growers (PDF) Yuba City, CA (5 pp, 52K) 04-20-2004
Rippey Corporation (PDF) El Dorado Hills, CA (17 pp, 125K) 01-15-2003

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