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Thunderbolt Engineering, Long Beach

Photograph of Café Camellia, City of Bellflower
Thunderbolt Engineering, Long Beach, CA. | Larger Version
  • Currently an owner-occupied residence and vehicle storage area.
  • Previously, sewage installation and backhoe service activities were conducted on-site.
  • A gasoline UST was removed from the property in 1990. Soil samples taken during the tank removal confirmed the presence of petroleum-contaminated soils beneath the property, which has limited the possible reuse options for the property.
  • EPA’s TBA Program conducted a field investigation to fully evaluate any remaining contamination and pave the way for a reuse of the property that is economically-productive.
  • The property is located within the City’s North Long Beach Project Area, and the property owner plans to reuse the property for a light, sustainable industrial activity that will benefit the community.

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