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Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Solid Waste


Lifecycle Building Challenge: Designing this building and the next...

The Lifecycle Building Challenge  Exiting EPA (disclaimer) is a national competition for students and professionals seeking innovative green building ideas, policies, tools, and designs that will promote building material reuse. Entries are sought from students and professionals, and the three winning student entries will receive $2,500 cash awards. Project partners are the U.S. EPA, Building Materials Reuse Association, American Institute of Architects, and West Coast Green. Student cash awards are being provided by the program sponsor, GreenBuildingBlocks.com.

Region 9's Solid Waste Program administers a few of EPAs many grant programs. Grant funding is provided to government agencies and non-profit organizations to promote waste reduction and the safe and effective management of solid waste.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of solid waste projects does EPA fund?

EPA solid waste grants generally fund program development or pilot projects which promote waste reduction, recycled-content products, markets for recycled materials, or assist in the development of solid waste management plans and the clean up of open dumping.

What can EPA solid waste funds pay for?

EPA solid waste funds may pay for a new position, contractor support, the development and printing of public outreach materials, supplies, minor equipment purchases, and project-related travel (e.g., to conduct or attend workshops). Please note that EPA solid waste funds generally cannot pay for large equipment purchases or be used for building or construction.

Who is eligible to apply for EPA solid waste grants?

In general, solid waste grant programs are open to government agencies and non-profit organizations, but it's best to check the eligibility requirements for the grant program that interests you. For-profit businesses are generally not eligible.

How and when do I apply for EPA solid waste grants?

Generally, a request for proposals are available in November or December, which explains the grant program, money available to award, and the process to apply. Then, proposals are due in January or February to EPA. In the spring decisions are made on which projects to fund, and the grants are officially awarded in the summer. You can learn of key dates and contact information by checking the regional Funding sources Web page.

Where can recycling-based businesses get grants, loans, or other types of financing?

A number of resources exist to assist recycling-based businesses to secure financing. Some of these include EPA-funded Recycling Investment Forums, the Small Business Innovative Research program, and the Jobs Through Recycling Program. In addition, the Environmental Finance Center Region 9 Exiting EPA (disclaimer) has produced a directory for environmental entrepreneurs, and California's Recycling Market Development Loan Zone Program Exiting EPA (disclaimer) assists recycling businesses by offering low interest loans.

Where can I get information about other organizations that fund solid waste related projects?

Learn more about State programs in Region 9, and the grant opportunities available through them for recycling and waste management.

Organizations and individuals from across the country may also access EPA's National Grants Database -- a resource developed by US EPA New England, which includes over 500 grant and loan providers, as well as venture capitalists, interested in recycling, reuse and solid waste management. Since its inception seven years ago, over 500 organizations have been served by the grants database, leading to funding awards for at least 66 clients totalling $5.5 million. To access this resource, contact EPA New Englands RCRA Research Library, by phone at (617) 918-1807. EPA will interview callers to determine project needs, and then tap into the database to provide leads on funding agencies whose interests and criteria provide a good match with the project profile.

In addition, you may be interested in the monthly funding opportunity newsletter compiled by the Seattle Regional Office of the U.S. Department of Energy. To subscribe to this funding listserv, send an email message to "funding-request@listserv.energy.wsu.edu" In the body of the message (not the subject line) type "subscribe funding (your email address)". Alternatively, the full text of many of these announcements can be accessed at the following internet sites: Federal Register announcements and Commerce Business Daily (CBD). Exiting EPA (disclaimer)

Recycling Investment Forums

A Recycling Investment Forum is a one-day event where some of the recycling industry's most promising firms seeking equity present their business plans to investors. Besides giving direct exposure to potential investors, these forums provide networking opportunities and train business presenters about investor outreach skills.

By sponsoring investment forums, we hopt to promote markets for the materials that we recycle. For information on the next forum, please contact:

Timonie Hood, (Hood.Timonie@epa.gov)
EPA Region 9
phone: (415) 972-3282

Additional EPA Grant Resources

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