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Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Pollution Prevention

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Program Overview

Our Mission and Goals

The Region 9 Pollution Prevention Program promotes and supports multi-media, Pollution Prevention approaches. We work throughout the Region, within EPA and with the public and private sectors. The priorities and activities outlined below represent the major areas of focus for EPA Region 9, but do not represent the full range of the Region's Pollution Prevention activities. For more information on these and other efforts, contact the P2 Program.

Networking with Regional Programs and Providers

P2 programs are found in state environmental agencies, local governments and counties, universities, small business assistance centers, and nonprofit organizations. The P2 Team works to help build capacity of P2 providers throughout Region 9. To encourage information sharing and communication among this diverse group of P2 providers, EPA Region 9 supports the Western Regional P2 Network Exiting EPA (disclaimer) . This Network was established in order to enhance communication and collaboration. P2 West organizes an annual meeting, a yellow pages, an electronic listserve, a website, and is supported by a retired engineers program available to businesses or P2 assistance providers.

Developing and Disseminating Information for Small Businesses

Region 9 is committed to developing high quality P2 materials and approaches for small businesses. We have worked directly with facilities in the metal finishing sector and the auto repair and fleet maintenance sector to document best practices. We then disseminate those findings through technology transfer documents and at technical workshops. These materials can be used as train-the-trainer tools for state and local P2 providers, or directly with businesses.

Granting Funds for P2 Projects

Region 9 manages two grant programs to promote P2 projects. The Pollution Prevention grant program is available for state agencies and institutions (e.g., state universities). Region 9 also awards grants to support a variety of other projects, including local outreach and education, and Pollution Prevention efforts by hospitals and businesses.

Supporting P2 within EPA

Region 9 works to incorporate P2 into all agency activities through participating in cross-cutting initiatives such as the Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic Chemicals Initiative; providing information and technical support for regulatory programs; and raising awareness of P2 approaches through speakers, seminars, and P2 Week activities.

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