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Pollution Prevention

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Metal Finishing Workshops

The following are sample outlines of the workshops used in the Metal Finishing P2 Project:

Dragout Reduction and Rinse System Design

  1. Measure dragout on a plating line
  2. Understand rinsing concepts
  3. Learn best practices for reducing dragout
  4. Use spray rinses to reduce dragout
  5. Use conductivity control systems to reduce rinse water use

Environmental Management and Process Efficiency

  1. Results of on-site demonstration projects on electrowinning and replacing vapor degreasers with aqueous units
  2. Two dragout reduction training tools
  3. Environmental management systems (EMSs) and their relationship to process assessment and control

Chrome Emission Regulations and Reject Rate Reduction (June 1996)

  1. Impacts of chrome emission regulations on plating industry
  2. South Coast Air Quality Management District Chrome Emission Regulations
  3. Reject rate reduction and Microplate Company's external cooling unit case study

Measurement and Monitoring (March 1997)

  1. Where to focus measurement and monitoring efforts
  2. Important facility-wide process parameters
  3. How to measure process-specific parameters such as dragout and rinse water flow
  4. Case studies on tank layout and material balance

Best Practices for Line Operators
Is intended to train line operators and others about the following topics:

  1. How operators impact process operations, efficiency, and waste generation
  2. How to rack and handle parts to minimize dragout loss and rinse water use
  3. How to train others on proper operation techniques

Pollution Prevention Technologies

  1. Process controls that support P2 technologies
  2. Bath contaminant removal technologies
  3. Chemical recovery and rinse water reuse technologies

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