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Pollution Prevention

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P2 Resources for Concerned Citizens

Pollution Prevention is not just the responsibility of businesses and government agencies. Citizens can help solve environmental problems by reducing pollution at the source, before it is created. In the words of EPA Administrator Carol Browner, celebrating National Pollution Prevention Week in 1998:

"The nation still creates far too much pollution, which daily threatens public health and our environment .... It challenges us to ask ourselves, 'What have I done today to help prevent the creation of pollution?' In light of this challenge ... I would like you to join me in revewing EPA's Agency-wide and your own personal commitment to preventing pollution at the source."

We can all apply Pollution Prevention in our daily lives. Whether in the home and garden, at the supermarket, or on the road, we can make pollution prevention choices every day in order to protect the environment, save money, and conserve natural resources. To get you started on the P2 road, you can take a personal P2 Quiz Exiting EPA (disclaimer) . The resources below can help you be more aware of the many ways to prevent pollution.

EPA P2 websites

National EPA Websites
Includes EPA programs, national organizations, state programs, advisory groups, and more.

Region 9 Solid Waste Program
Tips and projects on innovative solid waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.

Some non-EPA websites

Pollution Prevention Resource Center Exiting EPA (disclaimer) 
An introduction to personal P2 concerns -- healthy houses, green businesses, non-toxic yard care - for the interested citizen. Compiled by the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC).

Household Waste  Exiting EPA (disclaimer) 
Products to clean your home, deal with pests, maintain your car. Provided by the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County, WA.

P2 & Tribes Exiting EPA (disclaimer) 
EPA Region 9's Pollution Prevention Program works with Tribes in a number of ways. This brochure describes our partnerships with Tribes and describes some resources available to support Tribal Pollution Prevention.

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