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Stadium recycling: How to get started

Arena Recycling Success Quick Finder
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Reasons to Start a Recycling Program
  • Cost of trash pick-up and disposal is increasing
  • Recycling is a great public relations opportunity
  • State legislation could soon mandate that stadiums recycle
Key to a Successful Program
  • Having a recycling champion inside the stadium organization
Ways to Advertise Your Program
  • Put an article about the new program in the team newsletter
  • Create a logo or slogan for the team program to tell fans that the team supports recycling and include directions/illustrations of how to recycle
  • Put the logo on all recycling bins throughout the stadium
  • More information about EPA's national "Recycling On The Go"

There are two ways to start creating a recycling program in your stadium:

1. Find a recycling consultant

Find a recycling consultant who will work with your stadium to accomplish the following steps, and may find the funding for the project as well. For assistance in finding a qualified recycling consultant, call Marc Mowrey, EPA, (415) 972-3324.

2. Do it on your own

By being enthusiastic about the project, and by knowing the right people to contact, you can create and carry out a successful recycling plan for your stadium.

1. Talk with your host city or county’s waste division about possible ways they can help you create a recycling program, or even provide funding.

2. Use the stadium recycling question matrix to talk with your waste hauler to determine whether or not they will be able to provide for your recycling needs. (If not, search for a recycling consultant in your phone directory, on the Internet, or by calling your state environmental agency.).

3. Work with the recycling company to determine how much trash you currently have and how much could be diverted through recycling or composting.

4. Get verbal and/or written support to start the recycling program from management, vendors and employees.

5. Work with your marketing department to create a slogan and a campaign to advertise your recycling program and its successes.

6. Talk with your current custodial/cleaning service to determine whether they would be able to conduct the post-game cleanup of the stadium in a way that would separate out the recyclables from the non-recyclables.

7. Discuss with your vendors the possibilities for using compostable utensils, plates and cups.

8. Hold training sessions with employees and management on the benefits of your new recycling program and what their role will be in making it work!

9. Keep detailed records of how much trash and recycling your hauler is removing from your stadium and what your waste removal costs are.

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