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RCRA Inspections at Metal Finishers

Southern California, 2008-2010

This map displays the inspections conducted in Southern California from 2008 – 2010.  Region 9 inspectors targeted metal finishers because this industry produces certain wastes, such as cadmium, chromium, and lead, that have the potential to harm human health and the environment if not handled properly.  Because a business is listed on this map does not mean that there was a violation, only that it was visited by an EPA inspector to ensure compliance with RCRA regulations.

For further information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.


Where is this map and facility information pulled from?

This is a Google map output from a query run through ECHO, EPA’s Enforcement and Compliance History Online.  It is important to note that ECHO incorporates not only RCRA Hazardous Waste inspections, but those conducted under the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act as well.  This means the teardrop icons on the map do not correspond exclusively to RCRA inspections and the Detailed Facility Report for a facility should be viewed for RCRA inspection data. The data is uploaded monthly and therefore may be slightly out of date.

How do I get detailed RCRA inspection information about one of the facilities listed?

The facility name links to the Detailed Facility Report, which lists information such as: Compliance Monitoring History, TRI releases, and a Demographic Profile of the surrounding neighborhood.  The Data Dictionary provides definitions and explanations of terms used in the Report.

How do I use the Google map (regardless of internet browser used)?

Details can be found on the ECHO site.

Looking at the map legend, what is the difference between “Current Non Compliance”(orange teardrop icon) and “SNC”(red teardrop icon)?

SNC is an acronym for Significant Non Compliance.  A site can be designated as a SNC if any of the following are found to exist: the site has been determined to cause actual exposure or has a substantial likelihood of causing exposure to a hazardous waste or constituent; is a chronic or recalcitrant violator; or deviates substantially from the terms of a permit, order or agreement, or from RCRA statutory or regulatory requirements. Under the RCRA program, the SNC designation is removed when the site is in full physical compliance with statutory and/or regulatory requirements.  More information about definitions can be found on ECHO’s Data Dictionary page.

Can I download a KML file from this map?

There is a “Download KML” link directly under the map frame that will walk you through the steps to create a KML file with the results on this map page.

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