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Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Regional Activities

Did You Know?
  • Rudolf Diesel, the inventor of the diesel engine, first demonstrated his invention at the World's Fair in Paris in 1900 using peanut oil.
  • Berkeley, CA was the first municipality to use 100% biodiesel in city vehicles.
  • Hotels and restaurants in the United States generate 3 billion gallons of waste cooking oil per year. This amount could fill tanker trucks arranged bumper-to-bumper from San Francisco to Washington D.C. and back!
  • Rock n' Rollers Willie Nelson and Neil Young are supporters of biodiesel.

Region 9 biodiesel activities range from using waste grease from casinos to powering diesel buses, fueling San Francisco fire trucks, and a Hawaiian biodiesel-fueled car rental company.

In addition, Region 9 has presented Environmental Awards for biodiesel projects.

 Environmental Award Recipients

EPA's Pacific Southwest Region holds an annual Environmental Awards ceremony to honor outside individuals and organizations for their commitment to the environment and public health. The ceremony is in its eighth year and is held at regional headquarters in San Francisco. Recent Award winners working on biodiesel included Willie Nelson, Michael Brown and Jacques Sinoncelli.


  • Green Technologies
    Michael Brown and Jacques Sinoncelli of Greenline Industries LLC (San Rafael, CA) were recognized for the company’s groundbreaking biodiesel technology that helps reduce harmful air emissions. The company currently has six plants either completed, under construction or in the planning stages for a total of nearly 25 million gallons of biodiesel produced a year. 

  • Willie Nelson Makes Music and Biodiesel
    Willie Nelson received the Environmental Outstanding Achievement award for opening a biodiesel (B20) retail outlet in San Diego. BioWillie premiered his fuel at Carl’s Corner truck stop in Texas and has expanded to include several nationwide pumps.

    EPA Press Release announcing 2006 winners, including Willie Nelson
  • Neil Young Tours with Biodiesel
    At the 2005 ceremony, Neil Young was recognized for using B20 in his trucks and buses on a month-long concert tour promoting his theatrical release of “Greendale”. In addition to the tour, Young helps support American farmers by running 17 other diesel vehicles on vegetable oil.

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