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Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Superfund Redevelopment in Region 9

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Superfund Redevelopment: Photographs
Photograph of site

Reuse at Aerojet General Corporation Superfund Site: Solar Farm

Photograph of site

Reuse at Pemaco Maywood Superfund Site: Community Park

Superfund Redevelopment in Region 9 helps local communities return contaminated Superfund sites to safe and productive uses. EPA is working with these communities and other stakeholders - prospective purchasers, local governments - to consider reuse opportunities and to integrate appropriate reuse options into the cleanup process. To date, Superfund sites have already been developed into parks, commercial buildings, warehouses, and residential areas. More Superfund Redevelopment Information. . .

Getting Started with Superfund Redevelopment

View Region 9's "Getting Started with Superfund Redevelopment" page, which highlights key steps to undertake while considering redevelopment of a Superfund site.

Superfund Redevelopment in the News

Redevelopment of the Aerojet General Corporation Site (PDF) (1 pg, 164K, About PDF)

A public-private partnership between Aerojet, Solar Power, Inc. and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District has led to the development of a remarkable 40-acre solar farm on the Aerojet General Corporation Superfund site near Sacramento, California. The electricity produced provides more than 20 percent of the energy needed to power the site's ground water remediation program.

Superfund Redevelopment Highlights

Pemaco Maywood 2009 Return to Use (RTU) Demonstration Project (PDF) (2 pp, 115K, About PDF)

The Pemaco Maywood site occupies a 4-acre tract of land along the Los Angeles River in Maywood, California. The site operated as a chemical mixing facility from the 1940's until 1991, when the facility was closed. Electrical resistive heating of contaminated soils was completed in 2008 and a carbon-based treatment system for deep vadose vapors and groundwater, powered by a solar energy system, continues to operate on the site. The City of Maywood, together with the Trust for Public Lands, has incorporated the site into a community park as part of the Los Angeles River Greenway Project. The Maywood Riverfront Park was opened in May 2008 and offers athletic and recreational facilities to a densely populated urban center.

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