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Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Clean Harbors Los Angeles, LLC — Selected Documents

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Selected Documents, Clean Harbors Los Angeles, LLC
Public NoticeDate

Public Notice (English/Español) (PDF) (1 pp, 196K)

August 2013

Public Notice With Informational Fact SheetDate

Request for Public Comment on Renewal Approval (PDF) (4 pp, 339K)
Solicita Comentarios Sobre la Aprobación de la Renovación Propuesta (Español) (PDF) (2 pp, 392K)

August 2013

Informational Fact Sheet Date

Informational Community Fact Sheet (English) (PDF) (4 pp, 646K)
Hoya Informativa a la Comunidad (Español) (PDF) (4 pp, 782K)

October 2012

Final Permit Date

Final TSCA Approval (PDF) (41 pp, 970K)
All Proposed Approval appendices may be provided upon request
Appendix A – TSCA Application (Section below)
Appendix B – 1997 TSCA Approval
Appendix C – RCRA Part "B" Application
Appendix D – TSCA inspection Reports
Appendix E – Endangered Species Act Determination
Appendix F – National Historic Preservation Act Determination
Appendix G – Approval Modification Classifications

October 2013

Statement of Basis (PDF) (19 pp,400k)
All Statement of Basis appendices may be provided upon request
Appendix A – Justification For Use Of Omnibus Provisions
Appendix B – U.S. EPA Endangered Species Act Determination
Appendix C – U.S. EPA National Historic Preservation Act Determination
Appendix D – U.S. EPA Region 9 Environmental Justice and Permitting Implementation Plan

October 2013

Administrative Record Index (8 pp, 38k)

October 2013

Application for PCB Storage Date

TSCA Permit Application (PDF) (84 pp, 2.38M)
Appendix A – Personnel Resumes (Not included)
Appendix B – Facility Drawing (PDF) (1 pp, 55kK)
Appendix C – Inspection Forms (Not included)
Appendix D – Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (PDF) (27 pp, 311k)
Appendix E – Secondary Containment Calculations (PDF) (3 pp, 108k)
Appendix F – Epoxy Material Data and Safety Sheets (Not included)
Appendix G – Onsite Laboratory Standard Operating Procedure (PDF) (4 pp, 67k)
Appendix H – PCB Handling Standard Operating Procedure (PDF) (24 pp, 758k)
Appendix I – External Laboratory QA/QC (Not included)
Appendix J – Financial Assurance Documents (Not included)
Appendix K – EPA Guidance for Core Sampling (PDF) (15 pp, 889K)
Appendix L – Facility SOP on Random Wipe Sampling (PDF) (6 pp, 99K)
Appendix M – Closure of Containment Bay E (PDF) (9 pp, 355K)

June 2012

Facility Inspection Reports Date
2004 Inspection Report (PDF) (28 pp, 2.65M) 10/2004
2007 Notice of Noncompliance (PDF) (2 pp, 165k) 9/2007
2009 Inspection Report (PDF) (19 pp, 1.42M)
2011 Notice of Noncompliance for 2009 Inspection (PDF) (2 pp, 203k)
2011 Notice of Noncompliance (PDF) (2 pp, 108k)
2011 Inspection Report (PDF) (56 pp, 4.26M)

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