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Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

EPA Activities in Kettleman City Area

PCB Congener Study

Document Title Date
EPA Information Sheet - PCB Congener Report (PDF) (4 pp, 334K)
EPA Information Sheet (en español) - PCB Congener Report (PDF) (4 pp, 235K)
CWM PCB Congener Report, Executive Summary (PDF) (13 pp, 80K)
CWM PCB Congener Report, Executive Summary (en español) (PDF ) (14 pp, 119K)
CWM PCB Congener Report (PDF) (407 pp, 6.9MB)
    - Appendices A through O, except D and G: Dispersion Modeling Report (PDF) (826 pp, 47MB LARGE)
    - Appenix D: Field Notes (PDF) (315pp, 82.5MB LARGE)
    - Appendix G: Laboratory Analytical Data (PDF) (4987 pp, 96.5MB LARGE)
EPA Responses to Questions Received From Greenaction/Center on Race, Poverty, and the Environment Regarding (2 pp, 51K)
CWM Kettleman Hills Facility PCB Split Sampling Report (PDF) (138 pp, 3.1MB) | PCB Informe de Campo Sobre Muestras Separadas (27 pp, 712K) 11/2009
EPA Comments on Revised CWM Congeners Study Workplan (PDF) (4 pp, 179K) 3/2009
Draft Dioxin-Like Polychlorinated Biphenyl (Pcb) Congeners Study Workplan (PDF) (438pp, 12.7MB) - A work plan describing sampling to identify whether congener forms of PCBs are present in air, soil, and vegetation at and around the facility, and Appendix C Complete 1994 Study (PDF) (152 pp, 12.7MB) 3/2009
Cover Letter for CMW Congeners Study Workplan Revision (PDF) (15 pp, 660K) 3/2009
EPA Comments on CMW Congeners Study Workplan (PDF) (7 pp, 48K)  
PCB Disposal Activity Impact Analysis (PDF) (3 pp, 21K) - This analysis identifies why additional sufficient data needs to be collected to assess the magnitude of potential human and ecological impact to off-site receptors from PCB disposal activities at the Kettleman Hills Facility. 2/2009
EPA Letter Requesting CWM-KHF to Conduct Additional Sampling of Air, Soils, and Biota/Vegetation for PCB Congener Analysis (PDF) (8 pp, 1.09MB) 12/2008

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