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Guam Stormwater Workshop- July 2011

July 27, 28 and 29 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort

470 Farenholt Avenue, Tamuning, Guam 96913


water quality impacts

What: A free two and a half-day workshop on local and federal stormwater requirements and related issues specific to Guam, sponsored by the US EPA and Guam EPA.

Where: Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort, Exiting EPA (disclaimer) 470 Farenholt Avenue, Tamuning, Guam 96913

When: Wednesday, July 27 and Thursday, July 28, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM,
and Friday, July 29, 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Why: To provide an overview of federal and local stormwater requirements and other applicable regulations, and to provide permitting information, and in-field examples of best practices to help contractors and developers through the permitting and compliance process on Guam.

Stormwater runoff occurs when rainwater flows over land and either percolates into the ground or flows to nearby streams and coastal waters. Stormwater runoff can transport pollutants (e.g. sediment, nutrients, and other chemicals) that can negatively affect drinking water aquifers and sensitive aquatic resources like streams and coral reefs.

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How: Presenters will describe Guam’s sensitive natural resources, review relevant stormwater regulations, best management practices, and provide information regarding effective best management practices and project design criteria. This information will help contractors and developers understand the stormwater requirements, permitting process, and keys to compliance for projects on Guam.

Who: This workshop is sponsored by the US EPA and Guam EPA and is intended for contractors, developers, government agencies, non-profits, and anyone with an interest in preventing stormwater impacts to Guam’s natural resources.

Agenda, Presentations, and Speaker Biographies

Guam Stormwater Workshop Agenda Day 1 – Wednesday July 27
Session Time Title Topic Speaker/Entity
  8:30—8:45 Introduction Introductory Comments (PDF) (2 pp, 200K, About PDF) Ivan Quinata, Guam EPA
8:45—9:00 Welcome Welcome Overview of Workshop Content Paul Amato, USEPA
1 9:00—10:15 Stormwater impacts to Aquatic Resources Surface and Marine Aquatic Resources (PDF) (28 pp, 2.0M) Val Brown, National Marine Fisheries Service
Dave Burdick, Guam Coastal Management Program
Groundwater Resources including the Northern Guam Lens Aquifer (PDF) (21 pp, 2.0M) John Jocson,
Guam Community College
  10:15—10:30 Break    
2 10:30—12:30 Review of Local and Federal Construction Storm Water Requirements Guam Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations (PDF), (14 pp, 900K) Noel Cruz, Guam EPA
Coastal Zone Management Act (PDF), (6 pp, 900K),
Guam Coastal Management Program (PDF) (9 pp, 500K)
Esther Taitague, Terry Perez,  Guam Coastal Management Program
Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certification (PDF) (13 pp, 1.0M) Ray Calvo, Edwin Aranza, Guam EPA
Federal General Construction Stormwater Permit (PDF) (7 pp, 300K) Wes Ganter,
PG Environmental
  12:30—1:30 Lunch    
3 1:30—2:45 Anticipated Changes to Local and Federal Storm Water Regulations Revisions to Guam Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations (PDF) (19 pp, 900K) Margaret Aguilar,
Guam EPA
Upcoming Federal Rulemaking (PDF) (5 pp, 200K) Wes Ganter,
PG Environmental
MS4 Residual Designation (PDF) (7 pp, 500K) Paul Amato, USEPA
4 2:45—3:15 Other applicable regulations and programs Clean Water Act Section 404 and required consultations (PDF) (27 pp, 2.0M) Ryan Winn,
US Army Corps of Engineers
  3:15—3:30 Break    
5 3:30—4:30 Continued — other applicable regulations and programs Total Maximum Daily Loads (PDF) (6 pp, 300K) Wes Ganter,
PG Environmental
Multi—Sector General Permit for Industrial Activity (PDF) (8 pp, 400K) Wes Ganter,
PG Environmental
Underground Injection Control, Section 1424(e) Safe Drinking Water Act, Sole Source Aquifer Program (PDF) (17 pp, 2.0M) Benny Cruz,
Energy Independence & Security Act (PDF) (5 pp, 300K) Wes Ganter,
PG Environmental
  4:30—5:00 Question & Answer    
  Day 2 – Thursday July 28
Session Time Title Topic Entity
  8:30—8:45   Recap from Day 1 Wes Ganter,
PG Environmental
6 8:45—10:15 Permitting – How do I get my project approved?
All session 6 presentations are combined
Grading and Building Permits; Benny Cruz,
Guam EPA
Erosion and Sediment Control and Environmental Protection Plans,  401 Certification; Benny Cruz,
Guam EPA
Well Drilling, Dewatering; Benny Cruz, GEPA
Red Flags and Common Mistakes (PDF) (27 pp, 450K) Benny Cruz, GEPA
  10:15—10:30 Break    
7 10:30—11:30 Review of Guam’s Storm Water Manuals and Federal Requirements— the 80% Rule,  95th percentile rain event, 100-year storm—What do they really mean?
All session 7 presentations are combined
The Manuals: What They Cover and When They Apply; Wes Ganter,
PG Environmental &
Richard Bottcher, Parsons
Best Management Practice Sizing Considerations (PDF) (13 pp, 300K) Wes Ganter,
PG Environmental &
Richard Bottcher, Parsons
8 11:30—12:30 Guam’s Storm Water Manuals – Continued Roadway Construction (PDF) (14 pp, 1.5M) Richard Bottcher, Parsons
  12:30—1:30 Lunch    
9 1:30—2:15 Guam’s Storm Water Manuals – Continued Non—Roadway Development (PDF) (17 pp, 900K) Wes Ganter,
PG Environmental
10 2:15—3:15 LID and LEED Primer Low Impact Development and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design: Better Design Approaches (PDF) (22 pp, 3.0M) Wes Ganter,
PG Environmental
  3:15—3:30 Break    
11 3:30—4:45 Military Construction DPRI Program Overview: Sustainability and Storm Water Management (PDF) (10 pp, 200K) Steve Barker,Naval Facilities Engineering Command Pacific
  4:45—5:00 Question & Answer   All
Day 3 – Friday July 29
Session Time Title Topic Entity
  8:30—8:45   Recap from Day 2 Wes Ganter,
PG Environmental
12 8:45—9:30 Lessons from the Field: Effective Stormwater Pollution & Prevention, & Erosion and Sediment Control Plans Discussion and Examples of Proven Practices for the Design and Implementation  of SWPPPs and ESC Plans (PDF) (9 pp, 600K) Jared Richardson,
PG Environmental
13 9:30—10:15 Lessons from the Field: Effective BMP Installation and Maintenance Discussion and Examples of Proven Practices for Temporary BMP Design and Implementation (PDF) (16 pp, 2.0M) Jared Richardson,
PG Environmental
  10:15—10:30 Break    
14 10:30—11:00 Lessons from the Field: Maintenance of Permanent Post—Construction BMPs Discussion and Examples of Proven Practices for Maintaining BMP Performance (PDF) (15 pp, 600K) Wes Ganter,
PG Environmental
15 11:00—11:45 Attaining and Maintaining Compliance What To Expect During a Compliance Inspection (PDF) (10 pp, 500K) Wes Ganter,
PG Environmental
  11:45—12:00 Q&A Closing Remarks    


Below is a list of links to webpages within the EPA for additional information on stormwater. The pages have numerous other links and documents on them that are useful as references and learning material. Links to External Resources

All links in this section exit EPA.  Exiting EPA (disclaimer)

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