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Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Wetland Program Development Grants 104(b)(3)

Purpose To help states, tribes & local governments protect their wetlands. Funds can be used to develop new wetland protection programs or improve existing programs.
Eligible Applicants State, tribal and local government agencies: state-chartered universities; intertribal and interstate consortia.
Award Amount

Varies. In 2013, range was $50K to $350K.

Total Awarded in Fiscal Year $1,539,500 was available in Region 9 in FY 13.
Matching Share

25% non-federal match required; 5% for Tribal PPGs.

Key Dates:
Application Due Selection
RFP & Due dates:
RFP posted on web site on Thurs., May 9. 2013
Proposals were due on Tues. June 10, 2013.
Priorities 2010 Priorities focused on Core Elements for Wetland Protection programs:
  1. Monitoring and Assessment;
  2. Regulation (404 and 401);
  3. Volunatary Restoration and Protection; and
  4. Wetland Water Quality Standards.

In addition, the RFP emphasizes Wetland Program Plans. For examples of Wetland Program Plans, see the State and Tribal Wetland Program Plans website.

For info. on the FY 2013 Wetland Program Development Grants see the Wetland Program Development Grants 2013 Request for Proposals.

For info. on previous wetland program development grants funded in Region 9, see the Wetland Grants Database (WGD)

Contact Person
EPA Office/Division
Leana Rosetti (Rosetti.Leana@epa.gov)
Water Division,
(415) 972-3070

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