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Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

2009 Region 9 Compliance and Enforcement Annual Results

Numbers at a Glance

Results Obtained from EPA Civil Enforcement Actions
Estimated Environmental Benefit Commitments:
Direct Environmental Benefits
      Pollution Reduced, Treated or Eliminated (Pounds) 47,016,874
      Contaminated Soil to be Cleaned Up (Cubic Yards) 4,443,847
      Contaminated Water to be Cleaned Up (Cubic Yards) 313,296,564
      Wetlands Protected (Acres) 201
      People Protected by Safe Drinking Water Act Enforcement (# of People) 184,779
Investments in Actions & Equipment to Reduce Pollution & Protect the Env. (Injunctive Relief) $1,041,757,998
Investments in Projects that Benefit the Env. & Public (SEPs) $1,272,048
Civil Penalties Assessed
      Administrative Penalties Assessed $4,419,659
      Judicial Penalties Assessed $5,556,025
      State/Local Judicial Penalties from Joint Enforcement $0
      Stipulated Penalties Assessed $187,750
EPA Civil Enforcement and Compliance Activities
Referrals of Civil Judicial Enforcement Cases to Department of Justice (DOJ) 19
Supplemental Referrals of Civil Judicial Enforcement Cases to DOJ 1
Civil Judicial Complaints Filed with Court 9
Civil Judicial Enforcement Case Conclusions 18
Administrative Penalty Order Complaints 144
Final Administrative Penalty Order Settlements 154
Administrative Compliance Orders 61
Cases with SEPs 5
EPA Compliance Monitoring Activities
Inspections/Evaluations 1,053
Civil Investigations 34
Number of Regulated Entities Taking Complying Actions during EPA Inspections/Evaluations 98
EPA Superfund Cleanup Enforcement
Amount Committed by Liable Parties to Clean up Superfund Sites $33,385,414
Amount Committed by Liable Parties to Pay for Gov. Oversight $6,200,000
Amount Committed by Liable Parties to Reimburse the Gov. $12,611,141
EPA Voluntary Disclosure Program
Voluntary Disclosures Initiated (Facilities) 28
Voluntary Disclosures Resolved (Facilities) 11
Voluntary Disclosures Initiated (Companies) 18
Voluntary Disclosures Resolved (Companies) 9
EPA Compliance Assistance
Total Entities Reached by Compliance Assistance 83,972

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