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Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

2008 Region 9 Compliance and Enforcement Annual Results

Numbers at a Glance

Results Obtained from EPA Civil Enforcement Actions
Estimated Environmental Benefit Commitments:
Direct Environmental Benefits
      Pollution Reduced, Treated or Eliminated (Pounds) (1) 159,337,831
      Hazardous Waste Treated, Minimized, or Properly Disposed of (Pounds) (1) (2) 16,648,650
      Contaminated Soil to be Cleaned Up (Cubic Yards) 59,215,810
      Contaminated Water to be Cleaned Up (Cubic Yards) 91,898,835
      Stream Miles Protected (Linear Feet) 0
      Wetlands Protected (Acres) 28
      People Protected by Safe Drinking Water Act Enforcement (# of People) 87,845
Investments in Pollution Control and Clean-up (Injunctive Relief) $2,089,871,230
Investments in Environmentally Beneficial Projects (SEPs) $1,034,764
Civil Penalties Assessed
      Administrative Penalties Assessed $6,396,530
      Judicial Penalties Assessed $4,070,922
      Stipulated Penalties Assessed $122,000
EPA Civil Enforcement and Compliance Activities
Referrals of Civil Judicial Enforcement Cases to Department of Justice (DOJ) 24
Supplemental Referrals of Civil Judicial Enforcement Cases to DOJ 0
Civil Judicial Complaints Filed with Court 21
Civil Judicial Enforcement Case Conclusions 22
Administrative Penalty Order Complaints 188
Final Administrative Penalty Order Settlements 197
Administrative Compliance Orders 92
Cases with SEPs 7
EPA Compliance Monitoring Activities
Inspections/Evaluations 1,024
Civil Investigations 31
Number of Regulated Entities Taking Complying Actions during EPA Inspections/Evaluations 106 (30% of those with deficiencies communicated to them)
Number of Regulated Entities Receiving Assistance during EPA Inspections/Evaluations 692 (357 had deficiencies communicated to them by inspector)
Inspections Conducted by Tribal Inspectors Using Federal Credentials (3) 130
EPA Superfund Cleanup Enforcement
% of non-Federal Superfund Sites with Viable, Liable Parties where an Enforcement Action was taken Prior to the Start of the Remedial Action 100%
Private Party Commitments for Site Study and Cleanup (including cash outs) $19.5M
Private Party Commitments for Cost Recovery $32M
% of Cost Recovery Cases Greater than or Equal to $200,000 that were Addressed before the Statute of Limitations Expired 100%
EPA Voluntary Disclosure Program
Estimated Pollution Reduction Commitments Obtained as a Result of Voluntary Disclosures (Pounds) 0
Voluntary Disclosures Initiated (Facilities) 17
Voluntary Disclosures Resolved (Facilities) 38
Voluntary Disclosures Initiated (Companies) 18
Voluntary Disclosures Resolved (Companies) 24
Notice of Determination (NODs) 0
EPA Compliance Assistance
Total Entities Reached by Compliance Assistance 8,207

Sources for Data displayed for Numbers at a Glance:  Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS), Criminal Case Reporting System, Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation & Liability Information System (CERCLIS), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Information (RCRAInfo), Air Facility System (AFS), and Permit Compliance System (PCS) October 11, 2008.

(1) Projected reductions to be achieved during the one year period after all actions required to attain full compliance have been completed.

(2) In FY 2008, for the first time, OECA is piloting a new Environmental Benefits outcome reporting category to count pounds of “Hazardous Waste Treated, Minimized or Properly Disposed Of “ from enforcement cases. OECA has determined that none of the previously established outcome categories are appropriate for counting the environmental benefits obtained from EPA’s hazardous waste cases. For FY 2008, this new pilot category includes only results from RCRA cases, but, in the future, similar results obtained from enforcement actions under other statutes, particularly CERCLA, may also be included.

(3) In FY 2008, for the first time, OECA is creating a separate reporting category to count the number of tribal inspections conducted by tribal inspections using federal credentials. Inspections conducted by tribal inspectors using federal credentials are done "on behalf' of the Agency, but are not an EPA activity.

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