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Pacific Southwest, Region 9

Serving: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands, Tribal Nations

Environmental Justice (EJ) - Program Contacts

EJ Update Mailing List

EPA's Pacific Southwest Environmental Justice Network sends occasional updates about funding opportunities, conferences, events, and other information that may be of interest to environmental justice organizations and practitioners.

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EJ Program Manager

Deldi Reyes (Reyes.Deldi@epa.gov)
(415) 972-3795
Region 9’s EJ Coordinator, Trainer, Liaison to State and Local Agencies for EJ, and Leader of the Region’s EJ Network, which is a cross-program team charged with integrating EJ in our work.

Do you have a program-specific question about Environmental Justice? Check out the list of network members below and the EJ-related topics of interest they are knowledgeable about. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please give Deldi a call or send an email.

Air Division
Mike Bandrowski (Bandrowski.Mike@epa.gov)
(415) 947-4194
Indoor Air, Air Toxics and EJ

Richard Grow (Grow.Richard@epa.gov)
(415) 947-4104
Lead, Region 9 EJ and permitting workgroup

Enforcement Division
Andrea Manion (Manion.Andrea@epa.gov)
(415) 947-4184
EJ Grants Coordinator

Charles Swanson (Swanson.Charles@epa.gov)
(415) 947-4219
R9 Contact for EJSCREEN

Land Division
Jacquelyn Menghrajani (Menghrajani.Jacquelyn@epa.gov)
(415) 972-3259
Public health and children’s health and EJ

Omer Shalev (Shalev.Omer@epa.gov)
(415) 972-3538
RCRA and TSCA EJ-related issues

Superfund Division
Nova Blazej (Blazej.Nova@epa.gov)
(415) 972-3846
Brownfields and EJ

Dr. Sophia Serda (Serda.Sophia@epa.gov )
(415) 972-3057
Risk Assessment, Toxicology and EJ

Water Division
Loretta Vanegas (Vanegas.Loretta@epa.gov )
(415) 972-3433
Water Division grants and EJ

Pascal Mues (Mues.Pascal@epa.gov )
(415) 972-3768
NPDES Permitting and EJ

Office of Public Affairs
Nahal Mogharabi (Mogharabi.Nahal@epa.gov)
(213) 244-1815
Public Affairs Specialist, Los Angeles

Office of the Regional Counsel
Michael Knapp (Knapp.Michael@epa.gov)
(415) 947-4570
Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and EJ

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