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Renewable Energy Technologies

How Can Superfund Reduce Air Pollution?

GENERATE renewable energy on-site

CONSERVE energy by using energy efficient appliances and lighting and reducing energy use

DESIGN GREEN BUILDINGS to dramatically reduce energy consumption and costs

photo of solar panels

What Are Some Renewable Energy Technologies?

Wind turbine

Solar panels on rooftops can provide a large amount of energy for a home or business and may make the electric meter run backwards; Cost: $7-$12 per watt before rebates

Wind turbines harness wind energy. A single medium sized wind turbine with good wind conditions can provide enough energy for eight 3-bedroom homes; Cost: $2,000-$7,000 per kW (source: www.windfarmersnetwork.orgExiting EPA (disclaimer)

Biomass energy can come not only from plant and animal manure, but also from decaying landfills. Electricity can be generated from methane gas that is produced as the biomass decomposes; Cost: varies depending on source. Agriculture, Landfill

Additional information: evaluating Landfill Gas Emissions/ Calculations/ Case studies

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Fact Sheets

Renewable Energy Technologies Fact Sheet (PDF) (Short Version, 1 pg, 63K About PDF)

Renewable Energy Technologies at Superfund Sites (PDF) (Long Version, 20 pp, 930K, About PDF)

What Are Renewable Energy Sources?

These sources naturally regenerate energy at the same or greater rate than the energy being consumed. While fossil fuels are being depleted, renewables provide a lasting source of energy. They include solar, wind, biomass, water, and geothermal sources. Energy from these sources can be used directly or converted into electricity.

Why Use Renewable Energy Sources?

  • Environmental cleanup systems can operate for years to decades. For longer-term cleanup systems, like groundwater pump-and-treat systems, renewable energy technologies, such as solar panels, can be used to augment the power supply.
  • Choose renewable energy technologies for residential or commercial redevelopment projects to generate electricity on-site.
  • Using renewable energy technologies reduces pollution and greenhouse gases relative to the burning of limited fossil fuels.
  • Reduce dependence on foreign resources.

Funding Sources

Federal, state, and local tax credits and rebates are available at the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency Exiting EPA (disclaimer) for energy efficient buildings and/or installation of renewable energy technologies.

Federal and State Incentives for Region 9:


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