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Industrial Pretreatment

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Pretreatment Program Guidance

Local Limits Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is used to calculate local limits in conjunction with U.S. EPA's 1987 Local Limits Guidance Manual and Region 5's Local Limits Guidance.

U.S. EPA Region 5 Local Limits Guidance Narrative guidance which complements U.S. EPA's 1987 Local Limits Guidance Manual. Developed for use by POTWs in Illinois and Indiana to develop technically based local limits submittals for review and approval by Region 5. 

Region 3 Guidance on Local Limits (PDF) (25K, 10pp) June 1994
EAP Region 3 guidance for setting local limits for a pollutant where the domestic loading exceeds the maximum allowable headworks loading

Mercury Pollutant Minimization Program (PMP) Guidance (PDF) (116K, 16p) November 2004
Guidance developed with the Region 5 states to address situations where a Pollutant Minimization Program is required in a state-issued NPDES permit for a Publicly Owned Treatment Works as a condition for receiving a variance from the underlying water quality standard for mercury.

Categorical Standards Proposal Dates for New Source Determinations  

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