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Bedford Recycling, Inc.

Contact Information

Bedford, IN (Lawrence County)
EPA ID#: IND040292237

TSCA Project Manager
Karen Kirchner

Community Involvement Coordinator
Rafael P. Gonzalez


(where to view written records)

Bedford Public Library
1323 K Street
Bedford, IN

Approval to store PCB waste

In July 2013, Bedford Recycling Inc. requested approval to commercially store PCB waste from the decommissioning of military sea mines. Approval will allow Bedford Recycling to temporarily store the sea mine anchor chains, which are coated with an anti-fouling compound containing PCBs, prior to disposal at an approved off-site disposal facility.

Bedford Recycling submitted applications to both EPA and Indiana Department of Environmental Management; EPA and IDEM issue separate approvals under state and federal regulations for this type of project.

The proposed plan calls for the sea mines to be transported from a US military installation to the Bedford facility. The sea mines have already had the main explosive removed. BR will then remove the anchor chain assembly from the remaining mine structure. All non-contaminated scrap metal will then be further processed at the Bedford facility, while the PCB impacted chain will be sent off-site for proper disposal.

On March 25, 2014 EPA issued the Final Federal TSCA PCB Commercial Storage Approval. It was issued pursuant to 40 C.F.R. §761.65.

Before making a final decision, EPA reviewed written public comments submitted from Jan. 22 - Feb. 28, 2014.

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