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Disaster Debris Management

Region 5 Contact

Rebecca Geyer (geyer.rebecca@epa.gov),
Environmental Scientist
Materials Management Branch
Land and Chemicals Division
U.S. EPA Region 5
77 W Jackson Blvd
Chicago, IL 60604

National Links

Disaster Debris Recovery Database Interactive Mapping Tool

EPA Region 5 has developed a database of 12 types of recyclers which may manage disaster debris. This interactive map provides information and locations of over 3800 facilities throughout Region 5 capable of managing different materials which may be found in disaster debris.

If you don't have Google Earth installed on your computer, you can download the free application. Exit EPA Disclaimer

Region 5 state plans and guidance

Region 5 states have established debris management plans or guidance, many of which focus on flood-related disasters:

Xenia Ohio 2000 Tornado - photo courtesy of Ohio EPA

Xenia, Ohio 2000 tornado - photo courtesy of Ohio EPA

Basic Information

Safe, proper and timely management of debris is an essential but often overlooked component of an emergency response or disaster incident. Debris management is also one of many competing priorities agencies must manage during such events. It is important that disaster debris be properly managed so as to protect human health, comply with regulations, conserve disposal capacity, reduce injuries, and minimize or prevent environmental impacts. It involves advance thought, planning and coordination among individuals at various levels of government and the private sector with experience and expertise in waste management.

Other states' plans and guidance cover a wider range of disasters:

Federal Agency Resources

The following federal agencies have developed guidance, training, manuals or programs:

Several after action-reports or evaluations of debris-generating incidents are available to provide information, recommendations and advice:

Tools & References

Several decision support tools, sample contracts, worksheets, and checklists have been developed to support debris management activities:

Training Resources

There are numerous training courses focused on debris management sponsored by FEMA and offered locally through state emergency management offices:


The following resources deal with safety considerations during initial assessment, sampling, removal, staging, transportation, and recovery/disposal operations:

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