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Region 5 Composting Coordinator

Chris Newman (newman.christopherm@epa.gov)
77 W. Jackson Boulevard (DW-8J)
Chicago, IL 60604

Basic Information

According to EPA's Municipal Solid Waste in the United States 2007 Facts and Figures:

Composting these wastes creates a product that can be used to help improve soils, grow the next generation of crops, and improve water quality.

Common Waste and Materials/Organic Materials - managing food and yard waste

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Region 5 Supports Composting

Region 5 has supported the following activities to help reduce the amount of food and yard waste that needs to be disposed of, and develop markets for compost.

Regional Initiatives

Food Waste Management Cost Calculator Webinar

On June 22, 2010 Region 5 hosted the Food Waste Management Cost Calculator Webinar that featured information on food waste measurement and how food waste cost savings can be calculated.

Workshops and trainings on compost-related issuess

Region 5 Compost Based Storm Water Best Management Practices Webinar Presentations - March 2009

Region 5 is presenting a series of webinars on the use of compost as a stormwater best management practice. Experienced users of these materials provide information and insight from their experiences.

Using Compost to Improve Stormwater Management and Erosion Control on Roadsides

Roundtable and Living field Demonstration - September 2007

Many organizations and groups in Region 5 states are interested in promoting the use of compost on managed lands both as a way to improve soil and water quality and as a way to build market demand for high quality compost. Stormwater and erosion control projects can use compost to establish vegetative cover, retain soil, and improve storm water outflows related to construction activities. Many involved in land and stormwater management have seen the benefits of using compost-based storm water and erosion control BMPs on projects across the country.

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