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Region 5 Skinner List of Constituents for Refineries

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In 1985, the EPA's Office of Solid Waste developed a list of Appendix VIII Hazardous Constituents applicable to refinery wastes. This list became known as the "Skinner List", and has been used as the basis for many RCRA Facility Investigations (RFI) at refineries.In 1993, EPA's Office of Solid Waste updated the Skinner List by removing some constituents and adding others to the original 1985 list. In 1997, Region 5's Waste Management Branch reviewed the 1985 and 1993 Skinner Lists, melded them, and established a broader list of refinery process waste constituents, or a Region 5 Skinner List for use in RFI investigations at refineries in Region 5.

Region 5 Skinner List (PDF) (3pp, 25K) 1997



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