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Urban Agriculture and Green Stormwater Management Webinars

Contact Information

Christopher Choi
Community Planner
US EPA, Region 5
77 W. Jackson Blvd. SM-7J
Chicago, IL 60604

Webinar: Using Urban Agriculture & Green Stormwater Management to Promote Neighborhood Stabilization and Community Development
EPA Regions 5 & 7, Technical Assistance at Brownfields at Kansas State University, and Great Lakes Environmental Planning (GLEP) sponsored two webinars that brought together speakers from the Chicago Botanic Garden, the City of Lawrence Massachusetts, the City of West Union Iowa, the City of Milwaukee Wisconsin, and representatives from HUD and USDA. These webinars offer ideas and insight on sustainable development strategies for neighborhood stabilization and demonstrates how Federal agencies, EPA Regions, EPA grantees, non-profit, and community partners can collaborate to promote information exchange and future partnerships.

Brownfields and Urban Agriculture Presentation (PDF) (53pp, 6.15 MB)
Green Stormwater Management Presentation (PDF) (51pp, 6.73MB)

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