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EPA Response to Enbridge Spill in Michigan

Sediment data

EPA sediment sampling data

Sediment samples for oil-related compounds

Sample data from July 30 through August 20, 2010
Posted September 8, 2010

Sediment Sampling Results on Enbridge's website Exit EPA Disclaimer

Sediment sampling

Sediment samples taken to date indicate that there may be risks to aquatic life from pollutants in sediment at some locations. These levels have a higher potential for serious impacts to sediment-dwelling organisms and are classified as unhealthy. It is unknown whether the sediment contamination resulted from the Enbridge spill or was already present.

Understanding EPA's sediment data

  • EPA is overseeing Enbridge’s sampling and monitoring efforts. The sediment sampling process includes the collection of the sample, laboratory analyses and data verification (which ensures high quality data). Sampling also helps to identify areas where sediment can be removed, treated or cleaned up. Sediment sampling locations are not necessarily representative of widespread conditions at Talmadge Creek, Kalamazoo River or Morrow Lake. This is only one tool for examining water quality conditions. Visitors and residents interested in fishing, boating and river conditions are encouraged to contact state and county health agencies or visit their websites Exit EPA Disclaimerfor information.

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