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175th & White Oak Ave Oil Spill, Hammond, Ind.


EPA is offering to test home air quality in the affected zone. Call 800-621-8431 and press "0" and leave a message and we will return your call. You may also e-mail Community Involvement Coordinator Ginny Narsete (narsete.virginia@epa.gov) directly.

Map of Site Location
Response to date, September 13, 2010

* waiting for separation of oil and water to determine oil/water fractions

** Volume estimates only at this time.  Certified weights (tonnage) values will be provided as reported/disposed at the TSDF.


On August 18, 2010, EPA Region 5 issued an administrative order under the Clean Water Act to BP Products North America, Inc., BP Pipelines (North America) Inc., and US Pipeline and Logistics (BP), requiring the companies to immediately cease discharging oil at or near 175th Street and White Oak Avenue in Hammond, Ind., and to clean up any oil related to this discharge. BP will bear any costs associated with the cleanup.

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Images of the spill site

old pipe being pulled out of hole

Pulling the old section of pipe out of the hole; note the clamps at the location of the leak (pipe has been wrapped).

old and new sections of pipe

The old section of pipe after removal and the new section of pipe (foreground) ready to be installed.

hole after removal of old pipe

The hole after removal of the old pipe; note bucket for containment of any drips from pipe.

EPA Emergency Response workers on site

EPA Emergency Response workers on site.

Cuyahoga River gorge

Excavation of potential leak area.

RA Susan Hedman and Borries

Regional Administrator Susan Hedman and On Scene Coordinator Sam Borries study maps of the site.

excavation at hammond spill

More excavation at the site of the spill.

excavation at hammond spill

Pipeline gouge unearthing operation.


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