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Chevron Environmental Management Facility

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  • Hooven, OH (Hamilton County)
  • EPA ID#: OHD004254132
  • RCRA Corrective Action Site
  • Alias(es): N/A

Progress Reports

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Technical Documents

Appendix A Documents

Pressure Transducer Monitoring Results, July Through December 2009

Third Quarter Summary - A1 (PDF) (1pg,2M) Third Quarter Summary - A17 (PDF) (10pp, 111K)
Third Quarter Summary - A2 (PDF) (10pp,111K) Third Quarter Summary - A18 (PDF) (11pp, 118K)
Third Quarter Summary - A3 (PDF) (10pp, 111K) Third Quarter Summary - A19 (PDF) (10pp, 112K)
Third Quarter Summary - A4 (PDF) (11pp, 118K) Third Quarter Summary - A20 (PDF) (11pp, 123K)
Third Quarter Summary - A5 (PDF) (10pp, 111K) Third Quarter Summary - A21 (PDF) (10pp, 111K)
Third Quarter Summary - A6 (PDF) (12pp, 111K) Third Quarter Summary - A22 (PDF) (10pp, 111K)
Third Quarter Summary - A7 (PDF) (9pp, 110K) Third Quarter Summary - A23 (PDF) (10pp, 111K)
Third Quarter Summary - A8 (PDF) (12pp, 112K) Third Quarter Summary - A24 (PDF) (10pp, 111K)
Third Quarter Summary - A9 (PDF) (9pp, 109K) Third Quarter Summary - A25 (PDF) (10pp, 111K)
Third Quarter Summary - A10 (PDF) (12pp, 130K) Third Quarter Summary - A26 (PDF) (10pp, 111K)
Third Quarter Summary - A11 (PDF) (10pp, 111K) Third Quarter Summary - A27 (PDF) (11pp, 120K)
Third Quarter Summary - A12 (PDF) (11pp, 124K) Third Quarter Summary - A28 (PDF) (10pp, 111K)
Third Quarter Summary - A13 (PDF) (9pp, 109K) Third Quarter Summary - A29 (PDF) (11pp, 120K)
Third Quarter Summary - A14 (PDF) (10pp, 111K) Third Quarter Summary - A30 (PDF) (10pp, 112K)
Third Quarter Summary - A15 (PDF) (10pp, 110K) Third Quarter Summary - A31 (PDF) (10pp, 113K)
Third Quarter Summary - A16 (PDF) (10pp, 111K)

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Fourth Quarter Summary - A32 (PDF) (1pg, 2M) BW Transducer Downloads - A72 (PDF) (29pp, 358K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A33 (PDF) (37pp, 350K) BW Transducer Downloads - A73 (PDF) (43pp, 516K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A34 (PDF) (37pp, 347K) BW Transducer Downloads - A74 (PDF) (4pp, 67K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A35 (PDF) (37pp, 346K) BW Transducer Downloads - A75 (PDF) (9pp, 128K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A36 (PDF) (37pp, 345K) BW Transducer Downloads - A76 (PDF) (29pp, 357K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A37 (PDF) (150pp, 1M) BW Transducer Downloads - A77 (PDF) (43pp, 515K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A38 (PDF) (150pp, 1M) BW Transducer Downloads - A78 (PDF) (4pp, 68K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A39 (PDF) (150pp, 1M) BW Transducer Downloads - A79 (PDF) (9pp, 128K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A40 (PDF) (151pp, 1M) BW Transducer Downloads - A80 (PDF) (29pp, 357K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A41 (PDF) (151pp, 1M) BW Transducer Downloads - A81 (PDF) (43pp, 515K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A42 (PDF) (37pp, 347K) BW Transducer Downloads - A82 (PDF) (4pp, 73K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A43 (PDF) (37pp, 346K) BW Transducer Downloads - A83 (PDF) (2pp, 47K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A44 (PDF) (152pp, 1M) BW Transducer Downloads - A84 (PDF) (29pp, 363K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A45 (PDF) (151pp, 1M) BW Transducer Downloads - A85 (PDF) (2pp, 47K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A46 (PDF) (151pp, 1M) BW Transducer Downloads - A86 (PDF) (6pp, 91K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A47 (PDF) (150pp, 1M) BW Transducer Downloads - A87 (PDF) (4pp, 73K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A48 (PDF) (37pp, 345K) BW Transducer Downloads - A88 (PDF) (4pp, 68K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A49 (PDF) (151pp, 1M) BW Transducer Downloads - A89 (PDF) (6pp, 91K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A50 (PDF) (150pp, 1M) BW Transducer Downloads - A90 (PDF) (29pp, 359K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A51 (PDF) (150pp, 1M) BW Transducer Downloads - A91 (PDF) (43pp, 519K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A52 (PDF) (150pp, 350K) BW Transducer Downloads - A92 (PDF) (4pp, 73K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A53 (PDF) (37pp, 346K) BW Transducer Downloads - A93 (PDF) (6pp, 91K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A54 (PDF) (37pp, 345K) BW Transducer Downloads - A94 (PDF) (29pp, 358K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A55 (PDF) (74pp, 656K) BW Transducer Downloads - A95 (PDF) (42pp, 513K)
Fourth Quarter Summary - A56 (PDF) (151pp, 1M) BW Transducer Downloads - A96 (PDF) (4pp, 67K)
BW Transducer Downloads - A57 (PDF) (4pp, 73K) BW Transducer Downloads - A97 (PDF) (9pp, 128K)
BW Transducer Downloads - A58 (PDF) (6pp, 91K) BW Transducer Downloads - A98 (PDF) (29pp, 357K)
BW Transducer Downloads - A59 (PDF) (9pp, 129K) BW Transducer Downloads - A99 (PDF) (42pp, 517K)
BW Transducer Downloads - A60 (PDF) (29pp, 358K) BW Transducer Downloads - A100 (PDF) (4pp, 73K)
BW Transducer Downloads - A61 (PDF) (42pp, 514K) BW Transducer Downloads - A101 (PDF) (6pp, 91K)
BW Transducer Downloads - A62 (PDF) (4pp, 67K) BW Transducer Downloads - A102 (PDF) (29pp, 358K)
BW Transducer Downloads - A63 (PDF) (9pp, 128K) BW Transducer Downloads - A103 (PDF) (42pp, 515K)
BW Transducer Downloads - A64 (PDF) (29pp, 361K) BW Transducer Downloads - A104 (PDF) (4pp, 73K)
BW Transducer Downloads - A65 (PDF) (42pp, 515K) BW Transducer Downloads - A105 (PDF) (6pp, 90K)
BW Transducer Downloads - A66 (PDF) (4pp, 67K) BW Transducer Downloads - A106 (PDF) (29pp, 356K)
BW Transducer Downloads - A67 (PDF) (9pp, 129K) BW Transducer Downloads - A107 (PDF) (43pp, 514K)
BW Transducer Downloads - A68 (PDF) (29pp, 357K) BW Transducer Downloads - A108 (PDF) (4pp, 67K)
BW Transducer Downloads - A69 (PDF) (42pp, 516K) BW Transducer Downloads - A109 (PDF) (9pp, 128K)
BW Transducer Downloads - A70 (PDF) (4pp, 72K) BW Transducer Downloads - A110 (PDF) (29pp, 358K)
BW Transducer Downloads - A71 (PDF) (6pp, 91K) BW Transducer Downloads - A112 (PDF) (4pp, 72K)
BW Transducer Downloads - A113 (PDF) (6pp, 91K)
BW Transducer Downloads - A114 (PDF) (29pp, 356K)

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Appendix B, C and D Documents

Manual Fluid Level Results (PDF) (67pp, 1M) Tier2 Report - 1 (PDF) (8pp, 95K)
Groundwater Monitoring Field Forms (PDF) (157pp, 20M) Tier2 Report - 2 (PDF) (6pp, 62K)
Southwest Quad - Analysis Report - 1 (PDF) (13pp, 364K) Tier2 Report - 3 (PDF) (6pp, 62K)
POC Sentinel - Analysis Report - 2 (PDF) (23pp, 379K) Tier2 Report - 4 (PDF) (5pp, 58K)
Southwest Quad - Analysis Report - 3 (PDF) (20pp, 367K) Tier2 Report - 5 (PDF) (6pp, 64K)
Southwest Quad - Analysis Report - 4 (PDF) (14pp, 347K) Tier2 Report - 6 (PDF) (6pp, 61K)
Barrier Monitoring Network -Analysis Report - 5 (PDF) (39pp, 718K) Tier2 Report - 7 (PDF) (7pp, 65K)
Barrier Monitoring Network - Analysis Report - 6 (PDF) (15pp, 356K) Tier2 Report - 8 (PDF) (7pp, 72K)
Final Remedy - 7 (PDF) (26pp, 400K) Tier2 Report - 9 (PDF) (7pp, 71K)
Final Remedy - 8 (PDF) (27pp, 406K) Tier2 Report - 10 (PDF) (7pp, 71K)
Final Remedy - 9 (PDF) (21pp, 383K) Tier2 Report - 11 (PDF) (7pp, 67K)
Final Remedy - 10 (PDF) (17pp, 374K) Tier2 Report - 12 (PDF) (8pp, 79K)
Final Remedy - 11 (PDF) (26pp, 400K) Tier2 Report - 1 3(PDF) (7pp, 66K)
Final Remedy - 12 (PDF) (27pp, 404K) Tier2 Report - 14 (PDF) (6pp, 61K)
Final Remedy - 13 (PDF) (18pp, 365K) Tier2 Report - 15 (PDF) (7pp, 65K)
Soutwest Quad Analysis Report- 14 (PDF) (15pp, 349K) Tier2 Report - 16 (PDF) (7pp, 72K)
Final Remedy - 15 (PDF) (19pp, 380K) Tier2 Report - 17 (PDF) (7pp, 64K)
Final Remedy - 16 (PDF) (20pp, 383K) Tier2 Report - 18 (PDF) (8pp, 76K)
Barrier Monitoring Network Analysis Report- 17 (PDF) (27pp, 406K) Tier2 Report - 19 (PDF) (6pp, 60K)
Final Remedy - 18 (PDF) (25pp, 400K) Tier2 Report - 20 (PDF) (7pp, 72K)
Lysimeter Sampling - 19 (PDF) (16pp, 351K) Tier2 Report - 21 (PDF) (6pp, 67K)
Final Remedy - 20 (PDF) (22pp, 417K) Tier2 Report - 22 (PDF) (7pp, 67K)
Southwest Quad Analysis Report - 21 (PDF) (14pp, 348K) Tier2 Report - 23 (PDF) (7pp, 67K)
Barrier Monitoring Network Analysis Report - 22 (PDF) (26pp, 421K) Tier2 Report - 24 (PDF) (7pp, 73K)
Barrier Monitoring Network Analysis Report - 23 (PDF) (19pp, 365K) Tier2 Report - 25 (PDF) (7pp, 71K)
Barrier Monitoring Network Analysis Report - 24 (PDF) (28pp, 400K) Tier2 Report - 26 (PDF) (7pp, 69K)
Barrier Monitoring Network Analysis Report - 25 (PDF) (28pp, 395K) Tier2 Report - 27 (PDF) (5pp, 56K)
Barrier Monitoring Network Analysis Report - 26 (PDF) (42pp, 453K)
Final Remedy - 27 (PDF) (13pp, 340K)

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Appendix E

December CPT Results and ROST Results

CPT Results Data - 1 (PDF) (1pg, 57K) ROST Fluorescence Response Data - 11(PDF) (1pg, 35K)
CPT Results Data - 2 (PDF) (1pg, 58K) ROST Fluorescence Response Data - 12(PDF) (1pg, 35K)
CPT Results Data - 3 (PDF) (1pg, 57K) ROST Fluorescence Response Data - 13(PDF) (1pg, 36K)
CPT Results Data - 4 (PDF) (1pg, 57K) ROST Fluorescence Response Data - 14(PDF) (1pg, 34K)
CPT Results Data - 5 (PDF) (1pg, 58K) ROST Fluorescence Response Data - 15(PDF) (1pg, 37K)
CPT Results Data - 6 (PDF) (1pg, 57K) ROST Fluorescence Response Data - 16(PDF) (1pg, 36K)
CPT Results Data - 7 (PDF) (1pg, 55K) ROST Fluorescence Response Data - 17(PDF) (1pg, 35K)
CPT Results Data - 8 (PDF) (1pg, 57K) ROST Fluorescence Response Data - 18(PDF) (1pg, 39K)
CPT Results Data - 9 (PDF) (1pg, 59K) ROST Fluorescence Response Data - 19(PDF) (1pg, 37K)
CPT Results Data - 10 (PDF) (1pg, 57K) ROST Fluorescence Response Data - 20(PDF) (1pg, 38K)

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Appendix F and G

July Soil Gas Probe Measurements - F1 (PDF) (7pp, 1M) October 2009 Summary Report - G16 (PDF) (40pp, 874K)
March 2009 Field Forms - F2 (PDF) (17pp, 1.5M) October 2009 Summary Report - G17 (PDF) (38pp, 850K)
October 2009 Field Forms - F3 (PDF) (65pp, 7.5M) October 2009 Summary Report - G18 (PDF) (22pp, 431K)
July 2009 Summary Report - G1 (PDF) (30pp, 686K) October 2009 Summary Report - G19 (PDF) (21pp, 405K)
July 2009 Summary Report - G2 (PDF) (13pp, 266K) October 2009 Summary Report - G20 (PDF) (61pp, 1M)
July 2009 Summary Report - G3 (PDF) (15pp, 281K) October 2009 Summary Report - G21 (PDF) (32pp, 607K)
March 2009 Summary Report - G4 (PDF) (47pp, 541K) July 2009 Tier 3 Data Validation Report- G1 (PDF) (10pp, 191K)
March 2009 Summary Report - G5 (PDF) (24pp, 232K) March 2009 Tier 3 Data Validation Report- G2 (PDF) (10pp, 158K)
March 2009 Summary Report - G6 (PDF) (13pp, 147K) October 2009 Tier 3 Data Validation Report- G3 (PDF) (22pp, 233K)
October 2009 Summary Report - G7 (PDF) (41pp, 959K) October 2009 Tier 3 Data Validation Report- G4 (PDF) (17pp, 203K)
October 2009 Summary Report - G8 (PDF) (24pp, 1M) October 2009 Tier 3 Data Validation Report- G5 (PDF) (7pp, 135K)
October 2009 Summary Report - G9 (PDF) (24pp, 478K) October 2009Tier 3 Data Validation Report- G6 (PDF) (12pp, 175K)
October 2009 Summary Report - G10 (PDF) (22pp, 430K) October 2009 Tier 3 Data Validation Report- G7 (PDF) (16pp, 188K)
October 2009 Summary Report - G11 (PDF) (45pp, 1M)
October 2009 Summary Report - G12 (PDF) (45pp, 1M)
October 2009 Summary Report - G13 (PDF) (21pp, 407K)
October 2009 Summary Report - G14 (PDF) (22pp, 430K)
October 2009 Summary Report - G15 (PDF) (25pp, 519K)

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Appendix H, I and J

Weather Data July thru December 2009 (PDF) (978pp, 3M) GP Vapor Results -J4 (PDF) (1pg, 17K)
GP Biovent System Measurements (PDF) (3pp, 30K) GP Vapor Results -J5 (PDF) (1pg, 17K)
GP Vapor Results -J1 (PDF) (1pg, 18K) GP Vapor Results -J6 (PDF) (1pg, 16K)
GP Vapor Results -J2 (PDF) (1pg, 18K) GP Vapor Results -J7 (PDF) (1pg, 18K)
GP Vapor Results -J3 (PDF) (1pg, 18K)

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