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Buick City

RCRA Site Information
  • Flint, MI (Genesee County)
  • EPA ID# MID005356712
  • RCRA Corrective Action Site
  • Alias(es): Southend of the GM-Flint NAO Facility
Contact Information

Community Involvement Coordinator
Rafael P. Gonzalez (gonzalez.rafaelp@epa.gov)
312-886-0269 or 800-621-8431, ext. 60269

Site Manager
Christopher Black
312 886-1451
800-621-8431 ext. 61451


Information Respository is located At: Flint Public Library (Main Branch)
1026 E. Kearsley St.
Flint, Mich.


The former General Motors manufacturing complex known as Buick City in Flint, Mich., is undergoing a long-term EPA cleanup. The 452-acre facility at 902 Leith St. is divided into the Northend and Southend divided by Leith street.   The RACER (Revitalizing Auto Communities Environmental Response) Trust was created as part of the General Motors (GM) bankruptcy proceedings and RACER currently owns the site.
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Site Updates

Updated April 2016

Corrective Measure Implementation reports


Corrective measures are currently being implemented in accordance with the Final Decision and Response to Comments (Final Decision) for the Southend of the Site issued on May 13, 2010.  Remedial Activities implemented to date are:


EPA is currently reviewing a Remedy Recommendation Report for the Northend submitted in February 2016 by RACER. A proposed plan containing EPA's recommended cleanup steps will be released for public comment and a public hearing in late summer/fall 2016. The LNAPL pollution remains a challenge, how to cleanup this pollution at multiple sites in the Northend of the site is currently being studied and proposed remedies are being reviewed by EPA.


Storm Water Diversion and Treatment System were constructed at Outfall 003/004 in order to remove oil from Outfall 003 and 004 storm sewer systems. Plugging of certain sewer segments to prevent contamination flow to outfalls.


News Releases

Fact Sheets

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Technical Documents

Quarterly Progress Reports

Corrective Measure Implementation reports


RCRA Facility Investigation (RFI) Phase I Reports Volumes 1 to 4

RFI Phase II Reports Volume I - July 2006

RFI Phase II Reports Volume II - A ppendices A thru E - July 2006

RFI Phase II Reports Volume III - A ppendices F thru J - July 2006

Technical Reports with Appendices and Figures - May 2000

Public Meetings

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