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Little Mississinewa River

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Community Involvement Coordinator
Janet Pope (pope.janet@epa.gov)
312-353-0628 or 800-621-8431, ext. 30628

Remedial Project Manager
Giang-Van Nguyen
312-886-6726 or 800-621-8431, ext. 66726



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Union City Public Library
408 North Columbia Street
Union City, In


The Little Mississinewa River (LMR or river) Site (the Site) is located in Randolph County near the eastern border of Indiana. The Site includes portions of Township 18N, Range 1W, Sections: 11, 12, 13, 23, 24, and 26 and Township 21N, Range 15E Sections: 10, 15, 22, and 27. For the purposes of the Remedial Investigation (Rl), the Site was divided up into five primary areas including:
1) the four Rl LMR channel and Bank areas beginning at the Division Street Bridge in Union City, Indiana and extending generally north and downstream to the confluence of the LMR and Mississinewa River,
approximately 7.5 miles;
2) the identified portions of the Rl LMR floodplains that lie within the "active transfer zone" (the area outside of a stream channel that has active sediment transfer during flood events) beginning at the Division Street Bridge extending generally north to the confluence of the LMR and Mississinewa River;
3) the Rl portion of the Abandoned Union City Sanitary Sewer Line soil/backfill materials extending from Division Street to the Union City Sewage Treatment Plan (STP);
4) representative Rl agricultural floodplain sampling areas that lie outside and adjacent to the "active transfer zone"; and
5) Area E, the floodplain area identified for investigation (but not actually investigated) as part of the 2001 LMR Removal Action

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Site Updates

November 2013

The remedial action being implemented at Little Mississinewa River Site is protective of human health and environment In the short term and is expected to be protective in the long term. All exposure pathways that could result in unacceptable risks to humans are currently being controlled.  The first five year review was completed on October 5, 2010.  The next five year review is scheduled for 2015.

In 1990, IDEM began evaluating the Westinghouse facility through the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) site assessment program for potential listing on the National Priorities List. In 1996, IDEM began investigating the UTA facility (formerly Sheller Globe). To date, IDEM has conducted eight (8) sampling events. Results have shown elevated levels of PCBs in the soil and sediments in nearby areas including the Little Mississinewa River and Harter Park. A fence was constructed around the contaminated soil to protect the families in Union City that use the park. UTA and Westinghouse have been identified as potentially responsible parties. In July of 2001, USEPA began in immediate removal actions Harter Park. These actions were completed in December 2001.

The remedial investigation for contamination downstream was completed in December 2002. The Record of Decision was signed by the USEPA in July 2004. Remedial action (RA) activities began in the spring of 2005. With the completion of the second construction season in November 2006, more than half of the site has been remediated. The third and anticipated final year of RA activities will begin in the spring of 2007.


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