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Celotex Superfund Site - Past Updates

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Heriberto León (leon.heriberto@epa.gov)
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Remedial Project Manager
Nefertiti DiCosmo (dicosmo.nefertiti@epa.gov)


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Chicago Public Library
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Chicago, IL 60608
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Past Site Updates

July 2014

The Celotex park construction is well underway. (See photos.)  EPA is working with the Chicago Park District (CPD) to ensure that there is minimal cover disturbance.

Contaminated Soil Handling and Engineered Barrier Management Plan (PDF) (19 pp, 3.2 MB)

The contaminated soil maintenance plan describes the protective methods EPA requires CPD to follow during construction.  These measures include:

Some contaminated material will be unearthed to make room for park features. When contaminated material is excavated, it is handled separately and taken off site for proper disposal.  When the cap is disturbed it will be replaced by the Superfund two-foot cover.

Additionally, CPD has an environmental engineering contractor hired specifically to ensure that the environmental construction requirements are adhered to and they are always present when the cap is being disturbed. EPA is not providing daily oversight, however, we examine the monitoring reports and conduct site visits to ensure the work is done properly. 

For questions about the park construction please contact Chicago Park District, www.chicagoparkdistrict.com Exit EPA Disclaimer

Julio 2014

La construcción del parque Celotex va en marcha. (Vea fotos.) La EPA trabaja con el Distrito de Parques de Chicago (CPD) para asegurar que la perturbación a la cobertura protectora sea mínima.

Contaminated Soil Handling and Engineered Barrier Management Plan (PDF) (19 pp, 3.2 MB)

El plan de mantenimiento de suelos contaminados describe los métodos de protección que la EPA requiere que CPD siga durante la construcción. Estas medidas incluyen:

Parte del material contaminado será desenterrado para permitir la construcción de ciertos detalles del parque. Cuando se excava el material contaminado, se maneja por separado y se lleva fuera del sitio para desecharlo adecuadamente. Cuando se altere la capa, será reemplazada por la cubierta de dos pies según lo requiere el Programa Superfund.

Además, CPD tiene un contratista de ingeniería ambiental contratado específicamente para asegurar que los requisitos de construcción medioambientales se cumplan. El contratista siempre está presente cuando se perturba la tapa. La EPA no supervisa la obra diariamente, sin embargo, sí examina los informes de monitoreo y realiza visitas al sitio para cotejar que el trabajo se esté haciendo correctamente.

Para preguntas acerca de la construcción del parque, por favor póngase en contacto con Chicago Park District, www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/Exit EPA Disclaimer

March 2014

EPA has reviewed and approved the Chicago Park District's design to ensure that the construction of a park on this site is done in an environmentally safe manner. EPA will continue to oversee the park construction as the work is implemented this summer and fall.  Honeywell International Inc. and its contractors continue quarterly maintenance work at the site under EPA supervision.

The Chicago Park District has information on this park, www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/parks/park-553/ Exit EPA Disclaimer

Marzo 2014

EPA ha revisado y aprobado el diseño del Distrito de Parques de Chicago para asegurarse de que la construcción del parque en este sitio se hace de una manera segura para el ambiente. EPA continuará supervisando la construcción del parque según vaya progresando durante este verano y otoño. Honeywell International Inc. y sus contratistas continúan los trabajos de mantenimiento trimestral en el sitio bajo la supervisión de la EPA.

El Distrito de Parques de Chicago tiene información acerca de este parque,
www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/parks/park-553/ Exit EPA Disclaimer


October 2012

Honeywell International Inc. and its contractors are conducting maintenance work at the site during the fall of 2012 under EPA supervision. Residents may see equipment and activity particularly in the northwest corner of the site near 28th and Troy Streets. The work will ensure that the drainage system is functioning properly.

The Chicago Park District continues with its plans to develop the former Celotex Superfund site into a park facility—currently designated as Park 553. It recently shared some concepts for the park at a community meeting in order to get some public feedback. For more information on the Chicago Park District, go to: http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/Exit EPA Disclaimer

Honeywell International Inc. y sus contratistas están llevando a cabo trabajo de mantenimiento en el sitio durante el otoño del 2012 bajo la supervisión de la EPA. Los residentes del área podrán ver obras y equipo pesado en la esquina noroeste particularmente cerca de las calles 28 y Troy. Las obras se realizan para garantizar que el sistema de drenaje funcione propiamente.

El Departamento de Parques de Chicago continúa sus planes de convertir el antiguo sitio Superfund de Celotex en un parque recreativo — designado actualmente como el Parque 553. Ya se han mostrado modelos conceptuales del parque a la comunidad para solicitar sus comentarios. Para mayor información sobre los Parques de Chicago, visite: http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/Exit EPA Disclaimer


May 2012

The Board of Commissioners of the Chicago Park District is advancing plans to develop the former Celotex Superfund site into a park facility. It recently authorized entering into a contract with an architecture firm for park improvements in Park 553 at 2800 S. Sacramento Ave in the Little Village neighborhood. For more information, see: Board letters (PDF) (4pg, 292K)

La Junta de Comisionados del Distrito de Parques de Chicago tiene planes para el desarrollo del antiguo sitio Superfund Celotex. Recientemente autorizó celebrar un contrato con un estudio de arquitectos de jardinería ornamental para la mejora del parque 553 en el 2800 S. Sacramento en el barrio de La Villita.

May 2011

The response activities at the Celotex Site are complete. The residential portion of the cleanup was finished in September 2009. The main site portion of the cleanup was completed in February 2010. Honeywell International Inc. submitted removal action completion reports for both portions. These reports are available to the public at the information repositories for the Site. The EPA has written three pollution reports for the work conducted at this Site. Those reports are available on this website, as well as in the information repositories.

Because the Main Site response action did not remove waste, but covered it, the cover must be monitored to ensure that it remains intact and still protects human health and the environment. Honeywell follows a post-removal site control plan approved by EPA, in order to monitor the cover at the Site. Currently, the cover is inspected once a month; in the future it is likely that the frequency of monitoring will decrease to once a quarter. Monitoring is not necessary for the residential portion of the site because the contaminated soil was removed and replaced with clean soil.

Currently the City of Chicago is involved in legal steps to acquire the property and facilitate its development under the jurisdiction of the Chicago Park District.


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