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South Carolina State Implementation Plan

                      SOUTH CAROLINA
                     REGULATION NUMBER 62.4

A. Definitions

     The following words and phrases when used in this regulation
shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them:

     1.   Hazardous Conditions (or hazardous levels) - Conditions
     created by the release or discharge into the ambient air of
     one or more air contaminants which because of the
     characteristics and/or quantity of material involved may pose
     an imminent threat to the health of anyone who might come in
     contact with the material through this release as well as
     involving substantial risk of injury, to include injury to
     property or plant and animal life.  This includes the indirect
     threat to human life and property by the creation of traffic

     2.   Traffic Hazards - Impairment of visibility whenever the
     concentration of dust, fumes, condensed vapor, or any other
     substance is such that the horizontal visibility at or near
     ground level is reduced to 2400 feet or less.

B. General

     The owner or operator of any source, in addition to complying
with all applicable regulations and standards, shall take all steps
necessary to protect human health and welfare and otherwise
minimize the effects of unintended, short-term or other releases of
air contaminants and other substances which produce unintended
hazardous conditions.

C. Traffic Hazards

     The emission of smoke, dust, fumes, condensed vapor, or any
other substance which creates a traffic hazard on public roads by
impairment of visibility, or intensifies an existing condition to
the extent that a traffic hazard is created is prohibited.

D. Emergency Actions

     In the event that releases of dust, fumes, smoke, gases,
mists, vapors, or other substances occur in such quantity as to
create imminently hazardous levels, the owner or operator of the
source shall take all necessary emergency acts to cause the release
to cease, to notify nearby residents and occupants, to assist in
evacuation if deemed necessary, to notify the Department
immediately and to take such other action as responsible officials
deem advisable.

E. Cleanup

If releases to the atmosphere of air contaminants result from
spillage and cause such concentrations as to produce an imminently
hazardous level, clean up activities shall begin as soon as
possible and shall be completed to the satisfaction of the

F. Notification

The affected public, the Department, the South Carolina Disaster
Preparedness Agency, and all law enforcement officials having
jurisdiction shall be notified promptly by the owner or operator of
the source in the event of releases of material which may cause
imminently hazardous levels.  If traffic hazards are created,
notification shall be made to appropriate state or local agencies
of the possible existence of such a condition and of the
corresponding need for posting of appropriate signs, warning
devices or flagmen.  When the concentrations of materials are
reduced sufficiently as to no longer present an imminent hazard,
public announcement will be made, and normal operations may resume.


               Date Submitted     Date Approved     Federal
               to EPA             by EPA            Register

Original Reg:  DEC 20, 1978       JAN 29, 1980      45 FR 6572

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